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MorphOS PPC Operating System
The Amiga Talk Client

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Screen shot: Active Talk
(Active Talk)

Screen shot: Auto-Answer

AmTalk is a combined server/client for the Internet ntalk protocol for point-to-point online chatting.

The ntalk protocol establishes a direct connection between two clients using a server running on both machines, allowing realtime chat where you can see the other person's keystrokes as they type.

The ntalk protocol is still widely used on a variety of platforms; for example, most Linux installations come with a preset talk package.

AmTalk functions as both the client and the server. It sits quietly and unobtrusively in the background, waiting for incoming talk requests and giving you the option to accept or ignore the request, and even send it to an 'Answering machine' which records whatever the user types for you to read later.

Please remember, AmTalk is shareware. If you use it, please register the software and help support Amiga software development.

Download AmTalk now.

There is an AmTalk Mailing List run by VaporWare for users to discuss the software. Please feel free to sign up for it, your question may be answered there.

  • Fully multithreaded - multiple sessions
  • Auto-answer facility takes messages
  • Icon on Workbench displays autoanswer info
  • Can find AmTalk users on a dyanmic IP range
  • History of last used talk addresses
  • User configureable sounds
  • Userlist stores frequently-used talk partners
  • Userlist provides shortened aliases, privileges
  • Start from inetd, or activate by hotkey
  • Supports copy & paste in talk windows
  • Logs all incoming talk requests
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Handles 'wrong' username gracefully
  • Handles soft resets gracefully
  • Works with Genesis, AmiTCP, Miami & as225r2 stacks

AmTalk Mailinglist: Archive Subscribe · AmTalk FAQ

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