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The Contact List Manager
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The Contact Manager is a unique product for the Amiga. It's best described as a diary / address book which allows you to store all your contacts' user information, favourite web & ftp sites and IRC server/channels. It has been designed as a replacement to all the different bookmarks, addressbooks and similar GUI's that are built into the many different Amiga Internet and comms programs.

Contact Manager is versitile enough to work as an API between other, non net related programs. For instance setup an arexx script in Wordworth to pool information to mail merge into documents. ie. say you want to send a standard document to a number of friends, simply create a script that grabs names and addresses from the 'users' section within Contact Manager, then merge and print them to your document.

Contact Manager offers a number of features not found in many of the internal bookmark/addressbooks, as seen below.

Information Storage & Interaction
One user can have different types of information. Include their address, email address, phone number, fax number, web site, ftp site, ICQ number, etc. All these options can be utilised by other software. Voyager can use the web information, Microdot-II can use the email address, STFax Pro can use the fax number, STRicq can utilise the ICQ number and so on. Some programs may use Contact Manager in other ways too, such as pressing To: in Microdot-II.

One GUI, many programs
You can store all the information you require within one simple interface. No need to worry about Microdot-II's addressbook, Voyager's bookmarks, STFax Pro's phonebook, AmFTP's server list etc.

Retrieve Information From Anywhere!
Textinput (the built in Vapor text editor that ships with Microdot-II, Voyager, AmIRC, STFax Pro amongst others) now supports the ability to insert Contact Manager information into any document. While writing a message with Microdot-II, you could insert a name, email address, phone number or any other Contact Manager field, directly into that document. You will never have to remember a friends email address ever again!

Groups & Subgroups
Contact Manager allows you to create groups for different kinds of users/addresses. AmFTP, for instance, does not allow you to create groups or sub-groups within its server list, however this can be achieved via Contact Manager.

Multi-user support
If you are using Genesis as your TCP/IP stack, then Contact Manager will support and allow multiple users within one interface. If there's more than one user in your house (other family members, perhaps), each user can have their own configurations, password protected, so that their information remains private.

Plugin links
AmIRC (from v2.1) now ships with an internal Contact Manager plugin, allowing you to add users to the Contact Manager from within AmIRC (based on the current userlist), and also to add your favourite channels to Contact Manager's channel list. You can even search for entries within Contact Manager from within AmIRC.

Please remember, Contact Manager is shareware. If you use it, please register the software and help support Amiga software development.

Download Contact Manager today and see how much easier it'll be to manage your sites and friends.

There is a Contact Manager Mailing List run by VaporWare for users to discuss the software. Please feel free to sign up for it, your question may be answered there.

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