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MorphOS PPC Operating System
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(Source View)

Screen shot: Image-Map-Editor

MetalWeb is the first visual HTML editor for AmigaOS. The philosophy behind the software is that you should not need to understand HTML in order to create pages within MetalWEB. You can create web pages via a DTP style editor or the 'old way' via a tabbed, coloured text based source window. Indeed, like the award-winning Dreamweaver you can open both the edit and source window, work within one of the windows, whilst the other window updates, automagically!

The latest version of Metalweb is intuitive, fast, and easy to use. Now you really can create a website without extensive HTML knowledge!

Please remember, MetalWeb is shareware. If you use it, please register the software and help support Amiga software development.

Download MetalWeb today and see how much easier it is to create your HTML documents.

  • New Source Editor, with coloured tag highlighting
  • Easy to use imagemap editor
  • Cut, copy and paste text from/to clipboard.
  • Edit HTML directly, or use WYSIWYG layout
  • Visual image sizing
  • Visual creation/modification of tables
  • Wordwrap
  • Supports many HTML tags
  • Easy creation of frames
  • Embedded object support
  • User friendly GUI
  • Works in conjunction with web browsers, eg. Voyager3
  • ARexx port

There is a MetalWeb Mailing List run by VaporWare for users to discuss the software. Please feel free to sign up for it; any questions you have may be answered there.

MetalWEB Mailinglist: Archive Subscribe

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