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MorphOS PPC Operating System
Amiga-Psion Link
Psion's palmtop computer series contain a fine operating system which includes a full peer-to-peer networking software, using a protocol called NCP (or, recenly, PLP).

Using NCP, you can link two Psion computers (or a Psion and a different machine) and exchange data. NCP services include accessing files on the remote machines as if they were on your own.

Linking your palmtop to your desktop machine is generally a good idea. Doing so via NCP requires your desktop machine to have an implemention of this protocol.

AmigaNCP features a full NCP implementation, including a remote file server to access Amiga files from your Psion and a file system to access Psion files from your Amiga. AmigaNCP also has an API to allow custom applications to access network services at NCP level.

Version 2.2 now with Series 5/Revo Support!
The new Release 2.2 of AmigaNCP now supports Psion Series 5/Revo models in EPOC32 mode with full-length filenames, improved speed and clipboard exchange support. The update from old AmigaNCP versions to 2.0 is free! Just download and install the new version.

Please remember, AmigaNCP is shareware. If you use it, please register the software and help support Amiga software development.

Download AmigaNCP now.

There is an AmigaNCP Mailing List run by VaporWare for users to discuss the software. Please feel free to sign up for it, your question may be answered there.

  • Psion series 3, 3a, 3c or compatible
  • Psion series 5 or compatible
  • Psion Revo
  • Workbench 2.04 or better
  • The IBM-PC 3-Link cable
  • FileSystem access to Psion files with char conversion + icons
  • FileServer, access to Amiga files with optional char conversion (Series 3 only)
  • Clipboard support (Amiga to Psion and vice versa with a Hotkey) (Series 5 only)
  • Print server, print from your Psion to your Amiga
  • amigancp.library, providing the basic PLP network I/O functions, including
  • Full developer documentation
  • Full locale support

AmigaNCP Mailinglist: Archive Subscribe · AmigaNCP FAQ

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