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MorphOS PPC Operating System
Internet Information Tool
Screen shot: Traceroute

Screen shot: Ping

Screen shot: Whois

NetInfo-II is a network information viewer utility. It integrates the functionality of the well known standalone Traceroute, Ping, Whois and Finger programs into one seamless GUI application.

Instead of gathering the information about a host and the Internet route to it manually, you just enter a hostname and click Start. NetInfo-II does the rest for you!

Download NetInfo-II now.

  • "quick traceroute": Sends a series of packet in quick succession to get a route overview very fast, then does accurate timings for the individual hops
  • "ping": Sends a sequence of ICMP ECHO packets to a host to measure network latency and stability.
  • graphical display of hop min/last/max timings
  • integrated smart WHOIS function: double-click on a IP, Host or Network column to automatically receive WHOIS information for the given object. NetInfo determines the WHOIS host to query.
  • automatically retrieves WHOIS network information for hosts
  • automatically scans destination host for Web (HTTP) and FTP server versions
  • history for all queried hosts
  • integrated FINGER client
  • integrated "classical" WHOIS client with on-disk cache
  • ARexx port

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