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MicroDot II1.4.4  (1.4.17)
AmIRC3.5  (3.5.25)
Voyager³3.2  (3.3.125)
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MicroDot I1.18
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5145530 visitors since 1 Mar 99

MorphOS PPC Operating System site visitors

Since mid-march '99, we're keeping per-browser stats of's visitors.

As V³ now allows "traceless" spoofing of User-Agents:, this statistics are not accurate anymore (as are any other Browser-statistics). We're keeping this page for historical reasons, though, and perhaps as a Salute to Amiga(tm) User's who proudly carry their machine's flag in today's webmangler-stricken world :-)

The stats are gathered in a way that "spoofing" browsers should be properly recognized (unlike, for example, Browserwatch, which sometimes counts spoofing Voyager as Mozilla). However, unknown browsers spoofing a Mozilla may in fact show up as Mozilla instead of Other.

Those numbers are generated in realtime from the access database. Browser versions are not kept distinct, and references to images and files are not counted (neither are references to /voyager/current.html or the online order form, for that matter).

Note that due to limited table support, some Amiga browsers will not show the percentage bars correctly.

BrowserTotal hitsPercentage
Internet Explorer1474709
Netscape (Mozilla)2045508
NetInfo II³955

¹ Lynx was counted as Other before 19-4-99
² The total number in this table is lower than the number of visitors shown in the lefthand navigation bar, as the latter number is calculated over a longer period of time.
³ NetInfo II is not really a browser, but does send a "GET /" request to sites to probe the http Server: response.

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