4th Of July Vape Guide

4th Of July Vape Guide

There’s nothing like the smell of smoky barbecued grub and a sky full of fireworks to let us know it’s our great nation’s birthday! Depending on where you’ll be celebrating in-dank-pendence day this year, I’ve compiled a crucial list of Vapor products to help you get toasty while letting freedom ring. Whether you’ll be at the beach, on a boat, or somewhere in the city, this guide will ensure that you’ll be as lit as the fireworks!


For Those Staying Cool by the Water

What better way to spend the 4th of July than by getting fried (literally & figuratively *wink wink*) all day at the beach or lake? I can already hear Toes by Zac Brown Band playing faintly in the background with a cool vape in my hands, life is good today. Growing up on the east coast, I’ve realized how crazy celebrating Independence Day can be by the water.

You’re not going to want to bring your dry herb with you to repack your bowls because of the large crowds and water activities. You’ll want a vaporizer that has a massive chamber, but is also discreet. For dry herb, the G Pen Elite takes the win. With a chamber capacity of roughly 0.75 grams and an average battery life of 45-60 minutes fully charged, the Elite vaporizer is definitely the most efficient flower vaporizer for a whole day in the sun, especially when refilling and recharging is a challenge.


For concentrate, I would recommend the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. This pen style vaporizer is the closest thing you’ll get to ripping a rig but with portability and discretion. Because of its powerful quad coil quartz atomizer, you get extra surface area for cloud like rips, compared to the average two coils from most vape pens. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL offers maximum convenience and portability with its built-in dual compartment stash jar, stealthily hidden at the the bottom of the vape. The integrated stash jar allows you to bring extra concentrate on all of your 4th of July adventures and its dual compartment makes it possible for you to carry two different kinds of concentrate with you.


For Those Keeping it Low-Key

If you’re planning on spending Independence Day barbecuing in the backyard, you’ll want to either bring some edible munchies or something to puff puff pass. After all, sharing is caring! Take a look at our blog for some delicious edibles recipes using the LEVO Oil Infuser. With the LEVO, in one simple step, we’re able to extract the euphoric vibes from your prefered dry herb and infuse them with butter or any type of cooking oil. So put your apron on and get cooking and baking - just be sure to warn your buds that your provided munchies are potent.

If your family and friends would rather pass and puff the magic green dragon, check out one of our newest products, the OTTO. This one of a kind, super dope automatic grinder and cone filler is engineered for ultimate convenience! You can watch the magic happen here. With everyone playing cornhole and stuffing their faces, no one wants to constantly sit there and grind the dry herb and pack the bowl. So leave it to the OTTO to do all the work and enjoy the fruits of its labor.


For Those Getting Lit With the City Lights

If you’re watching the fireworks somewhere in the bustling city, you’ll want something super sleek and discreet. For those who are fans of both dry herb and concentrate, I would suggest the PAX 3 Complete Kit. It offers a pocket-friendly design and is dual-use thanks to its additional concentrate insert. The PAX 3 heats up in 15 seconds so it's ready whenever you are. So if you’re watching the fireworks on a rooftop in the Big Apple or on the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco you can easily slide it in and out of your pocket or purse.