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Best Smoking Accessories

Best Smoking Accessories

There are few things as relaxing as a sit down dry herb session. In the before-time dry herb consumers had to rely on things like scissors to break up material, a shoebox as a rolling tray, and a cigarette-stink coated ashtray as their primary prep tools. Thankfully as consumers and technology became more advanced, smoking accessories caught up! Users can now enjoy dry herb (and concentrates) with accessories that make sessions easier to prep for and help streamline your own personal process.

A lot of the accessories available on vapor.com can help both dry herb and concentrate users; things like a classic stash box serves both kinds of consumers well as do cleaning kits and prep trays. Having your own routine when it comes to preparation is important to some people and new smoking accessories can help keep your routine going strong.

If you’re in need of an accessory this holiday season check out our Black Friday and Cyber Week Sales blog to find out just when you can snag that new prep tool you’ve had your eye on.

Our Favorite High-End Smoking Accessories

So we’re going to outline a few of our favorite top-tier items right now, these smoking accessories can be used for both dry herb and concentrate centric users (except maybe the ashtray) to prep sessions and maintain their devices. If you need help building the perfect stash box check out our guide to that here.

Let’s dive in and see which elite smoking accessories have been helping us have streamlined sessions!

Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit - $30.00

Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit (plus HS Rig and Torch)


We’re actually going to start with a smoking accessory that comes into play *after* the session is over.

The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit comes with everything you need to clean a pipe, beaker, portable, or desktop vaporizer. Having a well-maintained pipe or vape will help keep flavor at a maximum and performance at out-of-the-box levels.

Inside the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit is a smattering of helpful accessories that are easy to use and high-functioning.

You’ll receive (deep breath): 99% ISO Pure alcohol, Salt Rox, 12 Pipe Stix (think..fabric tipped poker), 12 Pipe Dreamz (rougher pipe cleaners that chip resin away), a Resin Rag, two Dot Wipes (isopropyl soaked wipes), a Salt Schute to make adding the rock salt easier, a Stem Brush, and 6 Tube Tops to make sure no dirty liquid gets on anything during agitation.

This really is the cleaning kit to end all cleaning kits, especially for dry herb users. If you’re a concentrate vape user the included Resin Rag, Dot Wipes, Pipe Stix, and Pipe Dreamz can help dislodge pesky ABV or wipe away caked-on concentrate from an older atomizer. If you’re in need of any cleaning accessory, snagging a Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit is a must due to its wide array of helpful accessories.

Marley Natural Rolling Tray and Lock Stash Box - $76.00 (tray) and $250.00 (box)

 Marley Natural Rolling Tray with Marley Natural Walnut Bubbler


These two items are geared for the dry herb or concentrate user who values craftsmanship over all else. The price tag on the Marley Natural Rolling Tray and Lock Box will be alleviated by the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Week sales, making these elegant accessories that much easier to own.

Each of the Marley Natural Rolling Trays will come with a unique pattern due to its American Black Walnut sourcing, so your rolling tray is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. To make prepping dry herb easier a wooden scraper is included, and a magnetic connection keeps it attached to the tray itself for elevated convenience and organization. A cutout corner makes pouring dry herb back into your storage container or grinder easy.

Marley Natural Lock Box with top off showing interior dividers and large compartment


The Marley Natural Lock Stash Box is crafted from the same Black Walnut as the Rolling Tray and features an integrated tray in the top of the lock box. Acrylic dividers are on the inside of the Stash Box, and a large compartment has room for things like a bubbler or portable vaporizer. A Tubular Cam Lock makes the Marley Natural a secure spot to house smoking accessories or anything you want to remain safe.

Jonathan Adler Smolder Catchall -- $60.00

Jonathan Adler Smolder Catchall  


Understanding that not all ashtrays are created equal Higher Standards teamed up with designer Jonathan Adler to deliver a classy way to dispose of your ash. This high-fire porcelain ashtray is easy to clean and has a high heat resistance should you cash your bowl a little too early. The smoking red lips deliver a striking visual while the black and platinum lines add a mesmerizing effect to your sessions.

The Jonathan Adler Smolder Catchall has striking artwork but does a fantastic job of complimenting any room it is in. If you’re in need of a durable *and* eye-catching ashtray this should be your go-to.

You can find all of the Jonathan Adler Catchalls here


So there you have it, we’ve been feeling a little fancy lately and wanted to let you know what high-end accessories we have to make your sessions that much more enjoyable. You can shop all of our accessories here, and check out our Holiday Gift Guide to see if we highlighted anything over there you might need.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite smoking accessory is!