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Best Vaporizers of 2019

Best Vaporizers of 2019

2019 was a HUGE year for vaporizers. Concentrate and dry herb enthusiasts were treated to new devices that elevated sessions by letting your flavor flourish while still helping to conserve material. With unveilings from top brands like Grenco Science, Storz & Bickel, and KandyPens 2019 might have been the best year for vaporizers ever. As vaporizer technology continues to progress we all get to reap the rewards of improved efficiency and vapor production, only time will tell if we get another year for vapes like 2019, but until then let’s see what made the biggest splash of the year.

Just a couple of friends enjoying the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

We got to stock the site with new e-nails, portable dry herb vaporizers, and desktop units that have had some big impacts on our users. There are 5 categories for our Best Vaporizers of 2019 list that include Best Portable, Best Vape Pen, Best Desktop, Best E-Nail, and Overall Best New Vape Product. How did we come up with these rankings? Well, by using the products. Let us know your thoughts on the best vaporizers in the comments or if you’ve enjoyed any of the products on our list!

Best Portable Vaporizer

It used to be that portable vaporizers were strictly held to vaping dry herb, thankfully times have changed and (most) elite portable vaporizers feature dual-use compatibility. Being able to enjoy both kinds of material is a must to be considered one of the best portable vaporizers of 2019 as well as flavor production, vapor consistency, and “the intangibles” like price, durability, and looks.

Our pick for the Best Portable Vaporizer of 2019 goes to...the AirVape Xs GO!

AirVape Xs GO out and about
The AirVape Xs GO is a lightweight portable vaporizer that is one of the most solidly designed and durable devices we’ve come across. Users can enjoy 5 calibrated temperatures to enjoy the full spectrum of their material, while the ceramic oven does a fantastic job at keeping the flavor of your material intact and free of outside tastes. One button controls the AirVape Xs GO making it a great beginner portable vaporizer for those new to these devices, while the vapor production and functionality is enough to appease veteran vape users.

As is tradition for portable vaporizers, the AirVape Xs GO utilizes a concentrate pad to allow for dual-use capabilities. Often with portable vaporizers, there is a “one or the other” aspect in terms of the device being adept at vaping two kinds of material, the AirVape Xs GO finds a nice middle ground with its performance to help make this a legit “dual-use” vaporizer. Enjoying your AirVape Xs GO? Let us know what you like about it in the comments, and to find out more read our full review right here

Best Vape Pen

Still holding strong as one of the most popular kinds of vaporizer, vape pens are one of the harder categories for companies to make a splash in when it comes to a “new” design. Picking the best new vape pen came down to ease of use, “leakage possibilities”, and vapor production. Although the design is simple, it’s not that easy to make an elite vape pen.

Our pick for the best vape pen of 2019 is...the Boundless Terp Pen!

The Boundless Terp Pen in-hand
Coming in at under $30, the Boundless Terp Pen has a fantastic combination of affordability and beastly vapor production. This pen quickly became a staff favorite here at vapor due to its straightforward design and ability to conjure up rig-sized draws from the palm of your hand. The Terp Pen is just a slimmed own version of Boundless’ CF 710 vaporizer with better battery life, so there isn’t a lot to dislike about this vape pen.

When the Terp Pen comes in contact with your concentrate it will create *instant* vapor, this method of vaping is nice for parceling out draws and budgeting material. The only real downside of the Terp Pen is the fact that you can’t use cartridges with it, but that is more of a personal preference since this vape pen creates SUCH substantial vapor from a small device. The battery gives a full day of vaping, and takes under an hour to charge from a dead battery. There really isn’t a better value to be found for a vape pen than the Boundless Terp Pen, learn more from our review if you're still curious. 

Best Desktop Vaporizer

Okay now for the at-home users! 2019 wasn’t the biggest year for pure desktop vaporizers, but there was one addition that made its mark on the year. For a desktop vaporizer to be considered one of “the best” it has to be efficient, easy-to-operate, and most importantly consistent. It might not be everyone’s favorite way to vape, but desktop vaporization still is the king when it comes to flavor and cloud production.

vapordot’s pick for the Best Desktop Vaporizer of 2019 is...the Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid!

Volcano Hybrid with hose attached

It’s been a while since Storz & Bickel dropped a new desktop unit, but it was worth the wait. The Hybrid Vaporizer lets Volcano users now enjoy a bag or whip-style vapor delivery. Users who want a quieter session with absolutely no draw-resistance could enjoy the whip delivery, while those who are loyal to the bag can still enjoy the portability of the vape balloon system. Both methods feature elite flavor, but the whip-style has the edge due to the fact that you’re drawing directly from the heating chamber.

Aside from the whip delivery, the Volcano Hybrid has a 10x faster heat-up time than the Volcano Digit (the device it’s replaced) ensuring you’re never waiting too long for tasty vapor. Storz & Bickel’s convection heating is still an industry leader in flavor, and the precision temperature control really lets users explore their dry herb or concentrate in-depth. There aren’t any surprises with the Volcano Hybrid, just the same elite vapor, and usability; when it comes to Storz & Bickel it’d be a surprise to NOT see them on a best-of list. For more info, read our spotlight on the Hybrid Vaporizer here.

Best E-Nail

Easily the hottest device in all of vaping this year e-nails made a case for the *most* new devices to come out. It was a brutal year to compete in the e-nail scape as these devices are constantly one-upping the last model to come out with boosted temperature ranges and fun-yet-necessary features. How did we decide what the best e-nail of 2019 would be? We took vapor production, flavor enjoyment, and ease-of-use into account, plus a “that certain something” aspect came into play.

The best e-nail of 2019 was...the KandyPens Oura!

KandyPens OURA Vaporizer enveloped in vapor

This thing is a BEAST. KandyPens developed the Oura to deliver substantial clouds of vapor, and they nailed it. Just like the Terp Pen, the Oura unleashes vapor at the rate of a much larger device and will definitely surprise you if you’re not careful. Designed in Santa Barbara, CA the Oura is one of the most stylish e-nails (or devices in general) that we added this year allowing it to fit in with any vape-vibe.

Performance-wise, the Oura features 4 calibrated temperatures that take around 5 seconds to heat up thanks to a 3000mAh battery. A quartz atomizer and ceramic bowl are included, letting you choose between thick or tasty vapor. Instead of button operation, the Oura features a Smart Touch sensor that controls the device while haptic feedback lets you know when your temperature has been met. The bulb mouthpiece stores up your vapor to allow for an unleashing of draws or small sips. If you’re in need of an eye-catching, thick vapor producing, and portable e-nail the KandyPens Oura should be your go-to. Learn more with an in-depth review of the Oura right here

Overall Best New Vaping Product

And now for the final category on our Best Vaporizers of 2019 list, the Best Overall New Vape Product. This was a tough category to judge given the amount of fantastic devices that debuted in 2019, but it had to be done. The best overall new vape product had to perform at an elite level, do everything as advertised, and if possible, “change the game”.

Our selection for the overall best new vape product of 2019 is...the G Pen Connect!

G Pen Connect Vaporizer in use

The Connect made an immediate impact on the vape-scape with its substantial vapor production and smooth nature of the draws. The G Pen Connect is a vaporizer that converts and water pipe into a rig, fitting 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm female fittings. Sporting the classic all-black G Pen motif the Connect sports one button controls, a ceramic bowl, and a spring-loaded carb release button that coalesce to provide huge draws from your favorite water pipe.

Three voltage options make the Connect versatile when it comes to flavor-heads and cloud-chasers, and the ceramic heating element does it’s best to keep unwanted flavors out of your draws. The Connect’s tank is attached to the 850mAh battery magnetically, making it easy to transport and assemble. This might be the best vape-on-glass product ever, so it was an easy choice for our Overall Best New Vape Product of 2019. We dove deep on the Connect in our review, which you can read here

So that’s what we’ve enjoyed throughout this year, let us know if we missed any of your favorite vaporizers from 2019 in the comments. Here’s to a great year of vaping, and an even better one in 2020!