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Best Vaporizers to Celebrate Colorado Day

Best Vaporizers to Celebrate Colorado Day

Mountains, and rivers, and slopes, oh my! Regardless of the season, people from all over the world travel to the beautiful state of Colorado, all eager to experience the “Rocky Mountain High” that singer John Denver made legendary. Smoke it, ski it, or climb it, Colorado has the metaphorical munchies to feed your adventurous appetite. Round up your best buddy/bae/local wilderness enthusiast, spritz on some super strength bug spray, and jump feet first into the experience-laden wonderland of Colorado. Because Colorado is packed with excitement and natural beauty, demand for adventure is high. The dress code is Dick’s Sporting Goods casual, and the only thing you need to bring is the right vaporizer, this colorful state will provide the rest. So, go on—gas up, pack a bag, and hit the road!


Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular and visited parks in the United States. This peak-filled green wonderland covers a massive chunk of northern Colorado and attracts hikers, vacationers, photographers, rock climbers, and wildlife watchers all year long. These magical mountains are where wild and domesticated beasts (yup, I mean you) co-exist, with only a single layer of flannel and fur between them. Do you know what doesn’t happen here? Ample charging. ::cue crying eyes::

COLORADO COMPANION: The Magic-Flight doesn’t need to be plugged in; it is an electronic, battery-operated portable vaporizer that is perfect for low-profile sessions. Made from durable and renewable wood, the Magic-Flight is available for concentrate or flower. The Magic-Flight is your jam for a heightened experience.


Colorado Glamping 

For those that are into glamping (glamour + camping), Colorado offers the perfect balance between pastoral thrills and luxe living. Glamping allows you to immerse yourself in nature without sacrificing modern comforts. Get toasted by the campfire like a true cowboy, but then when you've had enough fresh air, crank up the AC unit in your private tent and slink into your turned down bed.

COLORADO COMPANION: We’ve got your luxury fix on lock-down with the Hydrology9! Hydrology9 is a portable vaporizer that gives the user total control via temperature, airflow and materials. The Hydrology9’s exclusive on-the-go water filtration feature is exclusive in the portable vaporizer realm, making it a total standout. Water filtration cools the air intake, making your draws smoother and creamier. Heat levels are displayed via LED lights, so get ready for an incredible spectacle of lights each time you go for a delicious draw.


Rattlesnake Arches

For most of us, arches are synonymous with the big daddy of super-sized everything, McDonald's. Just the sight of the McDonald's golden arches will make any sane person's mouth water while simultaneously making the heart, brain, and stomach crave everything coated in an armor of pure salt. Well, buds, it’s time to break out of metaphorical fast food wrapper and set our sights on the arches whose happy meal prize is adventure and wonder, the Rattlesnake Arches. The Rattlesnake Arches consist of nine natural arches in the desert landscape of the Black Ridge Canyon Wilderness. Every shade of red is accounted for in the rocks; this natural formation was carved out from millions of years of wind erosion.

COLORADO COMPANION: EYCE Spoon or EYCE Bubbler. There are no soft landings on rocky terrain, so reach for EYCE! Both pieces only require a lighter and can be easily stuffed in a backpack. The EYCE range has indestructible silicone bodies, meaning if you should drop the lil' guy, you won't actually destroy it.


Colorado Hot Springs

Sure, Colorado is widely known for their lush green machine mountains, but it's also known for natural hot springs. Dip, dive, and delight, Colorado hot springs are comprised of +100°F mineral water that will soothe the body and provide endless amounts of fun. Studding the entire state and helping to redefine the term "relaxation," the hot springs range from hike-in natural wonders to luxurious resorts.

COLORADO COMPANION: The KandyPens RUBI will turn your hot springs splash into a dope experience. The RUBI is lightweight and powerful; it is so small that it can be easily stashed in a pocket, shoe, or hat when you take a dip. Breath-activated and boasting an 8-second automatic power shut-off, it was built to handle any of life's adventures, hot springs and bear sightings included!