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Eat.Sleep.Vape.Repeat: How To Coachella Like A Pro

Eat.Sleep.Vape.Repeat: How To Coachella Like A Pro

Coachella 2019 is fast approaching, and thousands upon thousands of ravers, hippies, and aspiring DJ’s will congregate in California’s Colorado Desert and party to the hottest artists in the world. Whether you’re keeping it simple for your first time, or going all out and booking a tent in Lake Eldorado, has your back when it comes to creating an unforgettable Coachella experience. We’ve made a list of the perfect vaporizers and accessories for every type of Coachella goer. Keep on reading, buds, and maybe you'll discover the right product for you.

The “Raving Is Life” Goer

You live to rave, don’t you? You’ve probably picked out your vibrant Coachella outfit and flower crown before reading this blog...this isn’t your first rodeo. But there’s one more thing you need to really complete your outfit. That’s right, we’re talking about the festive and colorful Eyce Shorty. This taster boasts platinum-cured silicone and a pocket-sized design that lets you discreetly take hits on the fly. Featuring a convenient necklace hook, the virtually indestructible Shorty gives you that extra bit of flare around your next when the bass kicks in.

More rave essentials: Eyce Spoon, PAX 3, KandyPens Galaxy

The “Wanderer” Goer

If your friends often ask you, “Where did you go?”....congratulations, you're a wanderer. Disappearing into the crowds, missing call after call because you’ve made some new friends, the wanderer is an essential part of the Coachella experience. You want to spread those wings and fly, don’t you? The only companion a true wanderer really needs is the MiniMax FOB Battery. This discreet, compact, and long-lasting battery is disguised as a key fob. Compatible with 510-threaded cartridges up to 11 mm, the FOB Battery can easily hook onto keychains or fit in pockets—giving the wanderer confidence to explore and release their free spirit. After all, not all who wander are lost.

Additional wanderer must-haves: KandyPens Feather, O.penVAPE ISH Battery

The “I’m Here Cause My Friends Made Me Come” Goer

We get it, you don’t really want to go. You’d rather be attending Nochella, sprawled on the couch with your fur baby and binge watching “The Office”, but you're being a good friend—and a good friend deserves a great time.  Amongst the flashing neon lights, energized crowds, and blaring can sit back, relax, and experience smooth and flavorful draws of essential oil.

Other distracting products: DaVinci MIQRO, Boundless CF-710

The “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Moving” Goer

When the music comes on, is it hard to resist turning into a car dealership balloon man? That’s okay! With artists like Diplo, Kid Cudi, and Pusha T taking over the stage, there’s no better place to break it down then Coachella. But with great dance moves comes great responsibility, and that responsibility is hydration. In the blazing desert sun, burning the day away can lead to burning out. It’s a good thing the Revelry Accomplice Flask can hold up to 5 ounces of your favorite beverage—keeping you hydrated at all times while you shuffle your feet to DJ Snake. Oh, and it wouldn’t be very if it wasn't equipped with a badass stash compartment that’s capable of holding smaller-sized vapes and material. The Revelry Accomplice Flask is discreet, durable, and key to dancing the night away.

More dance partners: Grenco Science G Pen Pro, Vapium Lite

The “I Don’t Know Who’s Singing But It’s Pretty Here” Goer

The performers are merely background music for your Coachella 2019 experience. You’re there for the scenery, the culture, and most importantly...the selfies. You’re about to turn up the volume on Instagram with an iconic Coachella pic. In fact, you’ve already drafted the perfect caption and emojis (Living my best life 🦋🙌🏼). After you’ve astutely examined the art exhibits, what better way to elegantly dine in the VIP Rose Garden than with the KandyPens Amber Rose vaporizer. This portable and durable vaporizer flexes a variable voltage battery and quartz crystal chamber that delivers thick, delicious, and rich vapor. Finished with gold trims and specks of glitter, the show-stopping Amber Rose vape is stealthy, sexy, and SCREAMS “pinky out”.

More badass must-haves: KandyPens RUBI, HoneyStick Rip & Ditch, Yocan Evolve

The “Camp Crazy” Goer

So, you’ve decided to purchase a pass for tent camping, or maybe even car camping. You’re excited to take your daytime activities far into the night, and why not take advantage of your private sanctuary with one of the industries most futuristic vaporizers. The on-demand GHOST® MV1 lets you vape a single bowl at your own pace, consistently producing cool, smooth, and flavorful vapor. Featuring a lightweight alloy construction and a proprietary heat sink design, the extremely powerful MV1 boasts a long-lasting 2600mAh battery. If you ever feel like leaving your campsite, instantly lock your MV1 through the GHOST App—so you never have to worry about anyone using it. With the sophisticated GHOST MV1 vaporizer, Coachella ends when you want it to.

Extra Camping Gear: Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker, Dr. Dabber SWITCH, Revelry Overnighter