Famous Brandz  Man…

Famous Brandz Man…

Vaporizers always have and always will be a cornerstone of our business here at VaporNation. Hell, it’s in our name, but in an attempt to serve our loyal customers, we have partnered with Famous Brandz to bring their high-quality line of bongs and glass water pipes to you. 


We sell vaporizers and vaporizer accessories....but also other things...


About Famous Brandz

Famous Brandz set out with the mission to create bongs which would rival the over-priced, poor quality glass saturating the bong market. As an emerging player in the glass game, Famous Brandz have made themselves stand out by offering high-quality pieces and securing celebrity endorsements for signature bongs. This is not a publicity stunt or an attempt to pull the wool over consumers’ eyes. This is a genuine endorsement in a quality product. Known Canna-celebs endorse Famous Brandz bongs, because Famous Brandz bongs take care of their customers.

All bongs and water pipes in the Famous Brandz line are crafted from borosilicate glass, the most flavor-neutral and temperature-resistant  glass that can be used in smoking devices. Famous Brandz offers bongs and oil rigs for those who like to use their water pipes for both dry herb and concentrates. The bongs and glassware from Famous Brandz have options for those with and without a percolator.

Percolated bongs are preferred for those who like smooth rips, with minimal draw resistance. Beaker bongs and other non-percolated options are preferred by those who like to pull their clouds with greater draw resistance. The choice is yours, and any piece from the Famous Brandz line of bongs and glass water pipes will yield a smooth, heady hit.


Famous Brandz Collaborations

The icons that back Famous Brandz bongs and water pipes are no joke. So, when they give their stamp of approval, you know they’re not just blowing smoke. With three lines from Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg, and the Trailer Park Boys, you’re sure to find the bong that will be the perfect company for your smoke sesh.

The Cheech and Chong line of bongs and glass water pipes features classic glass blown mastery, free of any annoying or gaudy logos. The pieces are timeless in design, with images the revered Cheech & Chong films. This line also includes a bubbler, which makes for a more portable rip, to take your sesh on a trip. That’s not the only thing that’ll be taking a trip……..


The Snoop Dogg Pounds Line from Famous Brandz features some really uniqe and eye-catching designs. The forward-thinking stylings, crafted from thick glass create a smoking experience as unique as the users who choose them. All bongs in the Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg pounds line feature the iconic Snoop Dog Pounds label with matching color flare.


The Trailer Park Boys bongs feature no-frills, these bongs look less like a science experiment, and more like something that’s made to get you effed up. That’s just the way that Rick, Julian and Bubbles would have it. They feature a simple ice pinch in the downstem for the option of ice cooling. Each bong features a graphic of your favorite weed-growing, parking-lot-meat-selling swindlers. Can’t decide which to choose? Famous Brandz doesn’t want you to have to make allegiances, so you can nab one that features all three.



While we’ve made vaporizers and vaporizer accessories our mainstay, we are constantly on the lookout for exciting and high-quality products that we can bring to our customers. The Famous Brandz family ensures quality glass pieces for cannabis consumers of all levels. If it’s good enough for Tommy Chong, Snoop Dogg, and the Trailer Park Boys to place their likeness on, we’re sure it’ll please you.