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Father's Day 2017

Father's Day 2017

Father’s Day will be here soon, which means that it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to get the big guy. There’s been so much talk of dad style recently - dad bods, dad jeans, dad jokes. Let’s give dad a break - instead of making fun of his dancing and uncanny way of re-telling a story wrong, get him lifted and gifted this Father’s Day! Go ahead, become the favorite child, I dare ya.

Skip the sad striped tie this year and get the old man something from our Father’s Day Gift Guide. No matter the type of dude your dear Dad is, we’ve got something special and suuuuper smoky for him.



Does Dad prefer to ditch a kickoff in favor of kicking back on his favorite sofa? Tell me about it, buds - yo también! Listen, you’re never going to be able to pry the remote control from his hands or the bowl of Cheetos from his lap so gift the old man something that’ll make his lazy bones sing with glee - a desktop (or in this case, a coffee table top) vaporizer! Simple to use, pure vapor will be delivered via the device, a balloon bag, or whip. The best part about a desktop vaporizer? It’s built like a linebacker! Desktop vaporizers are sturdy bulk-monsters that won't fall prey to the evil relaxation-killer warlord, Aurelius Couch Cushions Maximus. A desktop vaporizer will be a hit for every one of dad’s comfy time sit-ins! This Father’s Day, your mission is to honor thy father, and if he’s snack-devouring couch potato, let him know that he’s the world's greatest snack-devouring couch potato! COUCH POTATO gift recommendations:


Arizer Extreme Q Arizer V-Tower Plenty




For the debonair dad who loves to take #SadDad style stereotypes and throw ‘em out the window, not any ‘ol gift will do! Whether your pops has got style or he desperately needs it, get him a portable vaporizer that'll make him look fly AF and feeling even better… *cough cough* despite the chaos that reigns over his world ever since that miraculous moment you were born. With smooth finishes, suave design and state-of-the-art engineering, a seriously sleek vaporizer will turn the big guy into a dashing dad! DAPPER DUDE gift recommendations:


PAX 3 Magic-Flight Launch Box Puffco Pro 2 Hydrology9




To celebrate the papa who loves whipping up wonders in the kitchen, get him something that’ll add a heightened experience to every bite of his chef creations - MagicalButter! MagicalButter is a small machine that infuses your herb of choice into meat rubs, butters, oils, drinks and so much more. Use a grinder to get your herb of choice uniformly broken down and *enter* the dopeness of the MagicalButter machine! Cooked, baked, slurped or smeared, MagicalButter (and now your Dad!) can now make every homemade meal into a treat with an adult twist. Additionally, your papa can now pamper the whole family because the MagicalButter machine also makes insect repellents, body lotions and pain relief oils. KING OF THE KITCHEN gift recommendations:




Santa Cruz Shredder Aerospaced Grinder




And just like that *snap* there is light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel of Father’s Day gift giving! Our world is full of smart devices, and smart peeps if I do say so myself *wink wink*, so give the big guy a cutting-edge gadget that’ll elevate the hell outta his mind - a smart vaporizer. Smart vaporizers have a technology that offers a tailored vapor experience via an app on your smartphone. This smart, portable vaporizer sophistication offers custom vaping on-the-go. Bluetooth and smartphone integration allow custom temperature and other custom user settings. TECH SAVVY gift recommendations:


DaVinci IQ Crafty

Firefly 2



When your Dad dedicates his life spending late nights at the office and traveling for business, it’s a safe bet that the big guy is in need of a stealthy surprise that’ll make his life a little less stressful. Some of these pen and portable vaporizers blend seamlessly into business attire while others are disguised to look like a key fob and ballpoint pen so he can stash his prized possession in any pocket, briefcase, gym bag, or luggage and whip it out without anyone noticing. BIZ-NIZ MAN gift recommendations:


G Pen Elite


Micro Vaped V4

Dr. Dabber Aurora