G Pen Roam Review

G Pen Roam Review

2019 was a HUGE year for G Pen with the G Pen Connect taking the vaporizer-on-glass world by storm with an efficient design and elite vapor production that turns any water pipe into an elite concentrate rig, without the pain of a torch.

The Connect made-at-home vaping more enjoyable, G Pen knew their next offering had to make a splash in the portable vaporizer game. The G Pen Roam delivers water-cooled vapor wherever and whenever you want to enjoy it. Comfortable in-hand, and discreet as ever, the G Pen Roam is a great option for on-the-go concentrate enthusiasts.

Let’s dive into what makes the G Pen Roam such a solid portable vaporizer!

The G Pen Roam's Hydro-Tube

G Pen Roam exploded view

The star of the Roam-show is the internal water filtration system that G Pen has dubbed the “Hydro-Tube”. There have been a few vaporizers in the past that tried to bring water filtration to a truly portable vaporizer, but it’s had mixed results with some devices being just too large and others...not good at keeping the water inside of the device.

By shrinking the water-filtration to a “one hand can hold it” size the Roam lets you enjoy cooled draws easily and without fear of spillage. The small nature of the water-filtration makes filling the Roam easy (just detach it from the mouthpiece and fill) and lets the outer aluminum shell protect it better should you drop it. Being able to add water filtration to a vape that is the size of the Mighty makes the Roam one of the best portable vaporizers at providing smooth vapor.

Elite Heating Calibration

The G Pen Roam has 2 vaporization heating modes, both of which have been well engineered to produce flavorful and thick clouds, and a "Max Mode" to help with cleaning. The +/- buttons on the Roam use 25 degree increments to adjust temperature, and the Roam has a range of 600F-800F.

When in Automatic Heat Mode the Roam will heat up to your chosen temperature  and let out a vibrate to signal your concentrate is good to vape. The Roam will stay hot for 30 seconds and then vibrate again to let you know it can't manufacture vapor again. If you just want one quick draw during Automatic Heat Mode you can click the button twice to deactivate heating at any time. 

The Roam's other heating mode, Manual Heat Mode, is straightforward as well. Users just click and hold the power button to activate heat and the Roam will get to and hold your chosen temp until the button is released. There is also a "Max Heating Mode" that takes the Roam to full power *without temperature control*. This should be used for burn-offs mostly. When the Roam gets to 800F, click the power button again and you'll get to Max Mode. 

Full Quartz Tank For Flavor Appreciation

G Pen Roam atomizer inside viewGrenco Science gave the G Pen Roam a full quartz tank to help bring your concentrate’s flavor out when vaping at higher temperatures. The full temperature range is 600°F-800°F, so when you’re on the lower end of the spectrum you’ll be tasting your material’s full flavor profile. Temperatures near 800°F will be much more vapor production oriented, but you’ll still be provided more flavor than a titanium tank or heating element. 

Quartz heats up quickly compared to a ceramic oven, so when paired with the 1300mAH battery you won’t be waiting for vapor very long. 

Final Thoughts

G Pen Roam with case and charging cable

The above-mentioned features of the Roam Vaporizer culminate in a smooth on-the-go vaping experience. All of the “regular” things an elite portable vaporizer should do, the Roam does very well; the LED display is easy to read and use when adjusting temperature, pass-through charging lets you use the device when it’s replenishing battery life, and the ergonomic shape of the Roam feels comfortable in-hand.

While the Roam has some “advanced” features like the Hydro-Tube, it is still a very user-friendly vaporizer. Loading the Quartz Tank is intuitive and the included directions are straightforward enough that you’ll get the steps down quickly. To help with cleaning, a “Max Cleaning Mode” burns off pesky residue that might be bogging your sessions down.

The G Pen Roam Vaporizer is perfect for concentrate users that want a smoother draw, stay tuned for when we get this in stock! 


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