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Video: Get to Know microG Vaporizer

Video: Get to Know microG Vaporizer

1.) What's in the Box

    • microG vaporizer
    • Battery
    • Tank
    • Mouthpiece
    • microG tool
    • A/C adapter with USB
    • 2x G glass containers

2.) Vape Anatomy

The microG is simple. It's made up of a mouthpiece, an atomizer tank, and a battery. The power button also acts as a 5-click safety lock.

The atomizer sits within the ceramic crucible, surrounded by 2 air-intake holes. The micro-USB port and LED indicator are located at the bottom of the microG.

3.) Charging & Setup

Use the included micro-USB charger to fully charge the microG vaporizer before first use. The red LED indicator on the bottom of the microG illuminates while charging, and turns off when fully charged.

Using the included tool, apply a small amount of concentrate to the atomizer coil. Ensure that you only apply enough for one session though! Replace the mouthpiece, and apply the silicone mouthpiece cover if desired.

Press the power button 5 times to unlock, then press and hold to enjoy!

5.) Overview & Specs

    • Instant heating
    • Lithium-Ion battery
    • Micro-USB charging
    • 5-click safety lock
    • Auto-shutoff
    • Elegant design
    • Blend model available
    • Style - Conduction
    • Method - Direct Draw
    • Weight - .04 lbs
    • Size - 4in x .652in x .44 in
    • Power Source - Lithium-Ion
    • Warranty - 1 Year