Hydrology9 Review

Hydrology9 Review

This thing is “lit”!


The Cloudious9 team are a consortium of designers and engineers that pay little attention to traditions and that share a deep passion about pushing the limits of vaporizing. The Hydrology9 is their latest effort and it has the vaporizer world turned on its collective head! This is the first of its kind, a dedicated and portable water-filtered, spill-proof, dry herb vaporizer and it’s no gimmick, this pony gallops with the best in the herd.


The Hydrology9 packaging is top notch, it proudly pictures the unit front and center of the box. After cracking open the box I was greeted with this tremendous futuristic device that looks like a weapon or tool from a classic Sci-Fi movie, some have compared it to the ooze from Ninja Turtles or the flux capacitor from Back II The Future. The box also included an A/C adapter, charging cable, user manual and a cleaning kit. Picking it up out of the box I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of the Hydrology9. The borosilicate glass gives it some weight and if you ask me, the thicker and heavier the glass the better because then you know it is quality glass that will be hard to break! Time to give this bad mamajama the once over and take her for a test drive!


I unscrewed the Hydrology9’s mouthpiece from the main body of the unit and filled it with the perfect amount of water (about 70%, or where the U meets the D in CLOUDIOUS9) and reattached the mouthpiece, then removed the oven cover on the bottom of the device with a few quick turns. The threading is very smooth and machined well, and the borosilicate portion of the mouthpiece was perfectly flush and fitted to the anodized space-grade aluminum alloy frame. The loading chamber for your herbs is constructed out of food-grade porcelain and it can fit about .3 grams of dry material comfortably. I got the Hydrology9 packed up and screwed the oven cover on.


One of the coolest features about this portable vaporizer is the little handle on the oven cover that you can twist while vaping and it actually stirs the material inside the herb chamber for you! Gone are the days of opening up the unit while it’s still scorching hot and trying your best to stir the material without spilling! It’s a real game changer and sets it apart as far as form, design and function, but the big question is “how does it vape?!”.


Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer


Now that my Hydrology9 was fully packed up with .3 grams of my favorite herbal blend and filled with water it was time to put the Hydrology9 to the real test and pop that magnetic mouthpiece cover off and get to work. Five button presses turn the unit on, indicated by a flashing of the LED lights through the water. It may seem gimmicky to some, but it’s actually beautiful and very visually stimulating while relaxing with your vape.


To set the temperature you just press the button once to scroll through five different pre-set temperatures. Blue is low temp, green is low-med temp, yellow is med temp, purple is med-high temp, and on red you better dial 9 and 1 just in case - HOT! I decided to go with purple for my first session; medium high is the optimal temperature to vape at because it’s not too hot where it will combust the herbs, and it’s not too cool where the active ingredients wouldn’t get optimally vaporized. The unit flashes the color that you have set it to until it’s ready to rock, which is signified by the LED turning solid green. You can also hold down the button for 3 seconds and engage party mode, where the lights scroll through like a laser light show - pretty dope!



Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer by Cloudious 9


My first draw on the purple setting was delicious, the water functioned perfectly and really cooled down the vapor and lent a crispness to the flavor of my herbs that I haven’t experienced with another vaporizer. There is a good amount of resistance when drawing, but lends to getting better vapor production. The vapor density was on par with other units around the same retail tag, but the quality was markedly better.


I used the stir tool about six draws in and it freshened up the taste for another four to five draws. I repacked it and tried the green setting and got less vapor, but a vivid fresh flavor that was unexpected and calming. I decided to pump it up for the last oven pack of the night and go with the red setting. I got some huge clouds and the flavor was still excellent, not burnt tasting at all. Very impressive! VapeWorld is currently running a giveaway for a Go Pro Hero 5 and Hydrology9! Click here to enter to win.

JoJo’s Final Thoughts: The Hydrology9 is one of the best new vaporizers on the market in my humble opinion and it’s been one of my favorite purchases in the last 3 months - it looks amazing and vapes beautifully! In vapor quality, it is up there with the top dogs in the game at the same price point and the addition of the water filtration and LED lights just push it into another category all its own, a pantheon of its own. Hydrology9 is a portable vaporizer but it is pretty large for a portable and it’s definitely not discreet; it’s perfect for at-home-use and taking to social gatherings. Cloudious9 stands behind their product with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, so you can buy with confidence.



Retail Price:


For Use With Concentrates:


For Use With Flowers:


Convection Heating: Hot air passes around & through the herb


Conduction Heating: Herb is in direct contact with heat


Easy To Load:


Oven Capacity:


Oven Material:

Food Grade Ceramic Chamber

Vapor Path:

Borosilicate Glass

Removable Battery:


Charge Time:

3-4 Hrs

Heat-Up Time:

60 Seconds

Bluetooth / APP:



45 mm x 175 mm


2 Years




Written by: JoJo DeStefano