Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale

With everybody working for the weekend, it can feel laborious to try and find time to relax. Let help take the load off this long weekend with 20% off savings from 9/1-9/6. With significant discounts on some of our favorite brands and some of the best vapes available, we take the labor out of finding a great vape that works just as hard as you do. Check out the highlights of our Labor Day sale below and reward yourself for all your hard work with coupon code LABOR for 20% off. ***A few exclusions apply, see bottom for details.***

banana bros. OTTO


Nothing takes the edge off a hard day like a cold one, or better yet -a ROLLED one. While rolling your own conical dry herb smoking vessels can feel tiresome, what if you didn’t have to? The banana bros. OTTO takes the tedious toil out of rolling by grinding your dry herbal blends and delicately stuffing them into a rolled cone for your immediate enjoyment. It’s that simple, load your herbs, press the button and let the smart grinding technology turn your herbs into a perfectly rolled cone. Load it up and light it up, banana bros. makes it easy to take it easy with the OTTO. Take 20% off the banana bros. OTTO, use promo code: LABOR.




On a holiday reserved for acknowledgment and appreciation of American achievements in the workforce, it only seems right to highlight some USA-made products. The Higher Standards line presents staple smoking devices hand-crafted right here by skilled artisans. The quality workmanship aims to elevate many simple water pipe silhouettes into luxury items.


Regular maintenance is a necessity for self-care, but did you realize your glass can use some TLC too? Higher Standards has constructed a complete kit to take care of your water pipe or rig to keep it looking and tasting as good as the day you bought it. The kit is designed to break through even the grittiest of grimes and dankest of funks, including 99% Isopropyl alcohol, course salt and a whole bunch of specialized cleaning tools to clean and maintain your glass. Take 20% off any of the Higher Standards line of quality glass or cleaning products and accessories with promo code LABOR.



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Jill a dull girl, and you a stressed-out mess. Why not liven up your day with a little dose of fun from the good folks at Kandypens? Offering the liveliest of custom colorways, the newest technology, and collaborations with the hottest trendsetters in pop culture, Kandypens aims to get you to elevation in style. Take 20% off all Kandypens Products, use promo code: LABOR.

A recent collaboration with Amber Rose produced one of the most versatile vape pens available, maximizing your hard-earned dollars. With compatibility for waxy oils and concentrates as well as nic salts and e-liquids, the Amber Rose vape pen delivers hard-hitting flavor in style for hard-working Americans everywhere.




What better way to lend homage to the unbreakable drive of the workforce than with an unbreakable water pipe or smoking device? Eyce creates their pipes with medical-grade silicone which is neutral in flavor, safe for smoking and nearly indestructible. With a unique feel and coloration, different than any glass piece, the Eyce beaker and Eyce rig offer an eye-catching new experience. Both pipes still offer glass components for the parts that matter most.


While the long weekend of Labor Day is something to celebrate, it also marks the end of summer, which is no picnic. To get one last cool adventure in before fall, why not take some tasty rips from the Eyce Mold 2.0? This silicone mold enables the user to create a fully functional water pipe from any freezable liquid. Think of the possibilities. Gatorade water pipe. Iced tea water pipe. Soup water pipe ---ugh, maybe not. Take 20% off all Eyce products, use promo code: LABOR.




For those who would prefer not to smoke or vape but would still like to imbibe this holiday weekend, we’ve got you covered with the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor. Eliminating the convoluted process of manufacturing edibles, Magical Butter makes it easy to set and forget. The Magical Butter isn’t just for herb butter, it can be used to create oils and topicals, opening up a whole new world for those who would like to enjoy the herb without all the smoke. There’s never been a better time to get into making your own edibles or topicals, take 20% off the Magical Butter extractor this Labor Day weekend, use promo code: LABOR.

These are just a handful of products that you can grab a sweet discount on this Labor Day weekend, so go wild, fill up your cart and enter promo code: LABOR for 20% savings. Enjoy the long weekend vape heads! Out!

So, we hate asterisks, and we’re sure you do too, but we have to be forthright with a little fine print. This promo code is good for 20% off site-wide for all products excluding products from Storz & Bickel, Pax, Arizer, Da Vinci, Firefly or the DR. Dabber Switch. This promo cannot be combined with any other offer. So that’s about it, except for those few little caveats, it’s fair game!