New Year's Eve: Staff Pick

New Year's Eve: Staff Pick

Say doob-bye to 2017, and high to 2018! Whether you’re sparking up the new year by popping bottles or keeping it casual, you will want to have a discreet portable vaporizer with you to elevate your night. You never know where you night is going to take you ::like possibly to a pizza parlour at 2 am:: so it's always best to be prepared and packed! My go-to portable vaporizer to bring out with me is the Flytlab Lift. This dry herb vaporizer is stealthy, easy-to-use, and has a good-sized chamber for how small the device is.

Whether you’re a noob or an experienced midnight toker, the Flytlab Lift is the best mini portable vape for bringing out with you during your New Year’s eve celebration. It’s so compact and low-key, it fits perfectly in your hand, pocket, or purse. It’s made of lightweight aluminum alloy, meaning it's durable, so you do not have to be exceedingly cautious when handling it while you’re out...which you all know is definitely a must-have feature on New Year’s Eve since almost everyone will be dancing into each other and making cheer into the wee hours of the new year.


FLYTLAB LIFT Portable vaporizer New Year Eve Aya


The Lift is simple to use, with just one button and color coding distinguishability. The one button control allows you to turn the device on and off, adjust between the three temperature settings, and check the battery life. Once you select your preferred vaping temperature, it takes the Lift less than 40 seconds to heat up (depending on your selected temperature), allowing you to have a quick and discreet sesh. The heating chamber also holds 0.7 grams of jolly green herbs, my favorite feature from this mini vape, because I do not have to constantly repack it throughout the night. As you all know it’s sooo sketchy having to take your baggie of chronic ish out in public, risking the potent aroma wafting around you because we only smoke that loud stuff *wink wink*.

So before you go out to celebrate the start of a new year, check out the FlytLab Lift here. And from our VapeWorld family to yours we hope you all have a safe and enjoy-a-bowl New Year’s!