Ah, beer. Good for what ales you and the ultimate social ice breaker. Thanks to beer, your hop-soaked brain has compelled you to perform many bold, brash, and questionable acts that are still sheepishly brought up when catching up with old friends. But what if we dried out the ol’ cranium, mopping up the malt, and filled the noggin space with pure vapor? Thanks to my inflated ego and penchant for pop culture, I like to consider myself an unqualified, albeit intuitive, social anthropologist.

Strap on your [beer] goggles because we’re trading in fermented golden wheat for sticky green heaven -- I’m pairing vaporizers to the type of beer drinker you are!



Does size matter? It’s the age old question that pops up in locker rooms and Sunday brunch roundtables alike. Although I’m inclined to plead the fifth, I’m going to taking a definitive stance in terms of what’s going in my mouth - size does in fact matter and being small is coming out on top! Just like craft beer, the Magic-Flight is crafted by skilled, local experts. Masters in their own fields, both set of artisans achieve a high level of quality and superior flavor. Robust and impressive, both craft beer and Magic-Flight are strong, robust, and will make you feel damn good.


A person who consumes Guinness reeaaaallyyy wants to emulate the drinking prowess of the notoriously thirsty people of the Emerald Isle. Guinness isn’t for the fairweather drinker, it’s made for the loyal lushes of the world, peeps who like their brew strong. Just like Guinness, the Alfa by Goboof is not for the lighthearted. With a heat-up time of 30 seconds, the Alfa is a powerhouse that rips and roars, cranking out clouds like a MF machine. The Alfa's oven contains a central heating pin to ensure that your blends are vaporized evenly and quickly. A rotary dial makes selecting a temperature simple, giving you three manual and two automatic heat settings to choose from - which is the luck o’ the Irish when you’re a wee bit spacey.



Trade in the quintessential Oktoberfest lederhosen and bratwurst for an invisibility cloak and cauldron cakes because shiiizzz is about to get magically lit! For those of you looking for a long-lasting, full-body incredible edible experience that’ll leave both your tongue and brain enchanted, we’ve got you covered: MagicalButter Butterbeer (a la Mary Wanna’s herbal garden). This buttery, dope delight is easy peezy to make and will get you feeling like you’re flying high up on a broomstick with Harry Potter and his wizard squad. Whether it’s a red cup or Professor Dumbledore’s chalice, you my dear bud, are going to slurp your way into good times with this liquid edibles creation thanks to the MagicalButter machine. Learn how to make our magical version of Butterbeer here.


The key to throwing any epic rager is to have a seemingly unlimited supply of suds and red cups -- ::enter the KEG::! The majority of us have had personal encounters with kegs - we’ve bought ‘em, tapped ‘em, been held upside down while trying to suckle from ‘em, and gotten heinous hernias from trying to move ‘em. The keg is the hostess with the mostess, servin’ up bubbles for brain food and metaphorically gifting beer goggles to all. Kegs are the epicenter of action at every gathering - just like the Volcano by Storz & Bickel. A forced air delivery will send cool waves of pure vapor into balloons - meaning you can make your fun bags in advance, making as many as you want! Simple to use, the Volcano vaporizer will be a hit at every party!