Rewards Program: What You Need To Know Rewards Program: What You Need To Know

What’s up dedicated users, today we’re breaking down our fantastic rewards program!


Entering the free rewards program gives you the chance to start earning vapor points that can help you snag your next vaporizer, pipe, or accessory. There are a ton of ways to earn points from simply creating a free account, celebrating your birthday, or reviewing a product.

The points don’t just help you buy things, the vapor points help unlock VIP tiers that give you the chance to earn even MORE points as well as get some free gifts. There are three VIP tiers: Rookie, Pro, and All-Star.



The Rookie Tier is from zero to 499 points, in this one you’ll get an extra 50 vapor points for your birthday. Pro tier is from 500-999 and you’ll get 75 points for your birthday as well as $5 off shipping and a $10 coupon when you reach this tier.

The All-Star tier is for those that manage to get to over 1000 vapor points; this tier gives you 100 vapor points on your birthday, a $10 shipping discount, a $20 off coupon when you enter the All-Star tier, and a free gift at checkout! The free gift can be anything from a hat to a brand new vaporizer.



Another aspect of the Rewards Program is the “Reefer-A-Friend” program: if you share your personalized link to with your friends, and they use it, you’ll get $10 off your next order of $50 or more, AND they’ll get $10 off their first order!

The rewards program is totally free to join and helps you and your friends get new devices and accessories at a discount, with no extra work needed by you! Head on over and join right here, and if you’re in the rewards program leave a comment below letting us know what you used your points on!