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We appreciate your patience

We appreciate your patience

Hey Vapor Enthusiasts! 

The ERP Transition timeline has changed. It's a huge project, and the first time we've completed this. With so many moving parts, it has been a difficult project involving all hands on deck. Migrating order history and syncing current orders to the warehouse are still impacted.

What is an ERP

An ERP is the backbone of a website. It houses all of the customer service, logistics, and stocking centers of the site.

What this means

Shipping delays are expected to continue a little longer than expected. We gave ourselves a 2-day buffer, and we've passed that buffer. We want to keep you in the loop as much as possible. We are extremely close to figuring everything out. The ERP refuses to operate without everything synced to it completely. We anticipate starting to sync orders later today.

Do you have an ETA

Our tentative ETA is today, and then we will spend through the 24th catching up on fulfilling the backlog of orders. It may get delayed a little longer than this. We are doing our second test of syncing today, and if it is successful then we will be good to go. If not, we will provide an update for you.

Why did you switch ERP

There were a couple issues we were having with the previous ERP, and we couldn't fix them. It was important for us to make purchasing as seamless as possible, and we've spent months custom designing the new ERP. We should experience less of these issues, which will result in us being able to take care of you guys better.

What's the current plan?

Our plan is to tackle this head on. We've been devoting our focus to it, and as a result have stopped posting on social media in order to spend all of our energy on this task. It's a huge one, much bigger than anticipated, and we're going to get it right.

What's the status of my order?

It still hasn't synced to the warehouse. It's really unfortunate, and trust me -- I know that. It's been rough for us and our CS team. We're doing our best to minimize the remaining downtime. I've experienced delays in the past when I've ordered knives and even a drum kit. It was painful, and I'm super appreciative that you guys have been so patient and kind to us.

What if we have questions?

Leave a comment down below, or feel free to contact us

What happens next?

We have been accumulating a large amount of feedback over the past couple months. You all have been awesome. Every single time we get new feedback we have put it on a list of improvements that we plan on doing in 2022.