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Before the advent of herb grinders smokers were forced to either break up herb with their fingers (very messy) or just jam the entire bud into the bowl (very wasteful). Thankfully, unless you’re very gung ho, those days are gone. Having the right tools will take your smoking sessions to new heights, you’ll be able to conserve herb while maximizing the product you do end up using. An aluminum herb grinder will make everything better: your smoke will be smoother, your herb will be rolled easier, and its economical. Bottom line, if you’re not using an herb grinder then you’re straight up not getting the best experience or value of the herb you’re trying to enjoy.


Looking for a new herb grinder can be daunting, there are a multitude of materials and designs to choose from when it comes to your final decision. Other than aluminum you might have stumbled upon acrylic and wood options, these are best avoided for those looking to upgrade their herb grinder. While acrylic and wood grinders offer more colorful and eye-catching designs than aluminum ones, their performance is not on the same level, and acrylic grinders have a small health risk if they are over-used and not replaced every so often. An aluminum herb grinder is best for those smokers looking for a top quality grinder that will last. While aluminum herb grinders might be a little more expensive than other options, they offer more durability and will last longer.

There is a reason aluminum grinders are the most popular herb grinder used. The teeth on aluminum pieces tend to stay sharper than their acrylic and wood counterparts, and are way less likely to chip off into your herb. Acrylic grinders have a minor health risk associated with them, as they’re not as durable as aluminum grinders their teeth can sometimes chip, leading you to finding an unpleasant plastic surprise in your herb that hopefully won’t be combusted while you enjoy your session. An aluminum herb grinder will be much easier to clean as well, they can be soaked and sterilized so you can avoid any staining or unwanted odors.

Despite being heavier than its plastic and wood partners aluminum herb grinders are still very portable, their construction is durable enough to deal with any drops it might go through. And if you need a discreet travel situation, aluminum grinders hold odor in better than a wood or acrylic alternative thanks to the airtight seal form when it is closed.


Part of what makes aluminum grinders the most popular type of grinder available is the myriad of options when it comes to the amount of chambers used to sift your herb and if you’d like, to save some crystals for later use. Let’s breakdown what you can expect while you shop around.


For those who don’t smoke very often or just want a simple no fuss option, the two piece grinder is right up your alley. Two piece (or “1 chamber”) grinders don’t do anything to save the crystals that get separated from the herb during the grinding process. They simply grind your herb in the same place you insert it, so the herb is grinded and stored in the one chamber available. The 2 piece grinder is an easy, affordable way to grind your herb. Being so simple means that 2 piece grinders are some of the simplest type of grinder to clean.


Three piece grinders are the least popular kind of aluminum grinder, but not for functionality reasons. There is a chamber to put your herb into and grind up, and a chamber that holds the once whole, now shredded herb. This form of grinder does not have a crystal catch, so if you’re primarily a vaporizer user not concerned with saving your pollen and more focused on getting a fluffy herb shred then a three piece grinder is for you. A little heftier than a two piece option the three piece is a great storage unit since you can just leave your grinded up herb inside the grinder, pack it up, and go.


The next step up is a 4 piece option (or “three chamber”), which is probably the most commonly used multi-chamber grinder. They’re usually a similar size to grinders that utilize less pieces, so you don’t have to sacrifice more pieces for much less space. Once the herb is ground up, the resulting grain will drift into a central chamber where a very fine screen designed to capture the crystals that are separated from the bud itself will sift the pollen from the ground flower.

The terminology can be confusing, basically the three chambers are used as follows: one chamber for your pre-ground bud, a chamber that houses the bud after its ground, and the final chamber is for the separated crystals. The byproduct of grinding your herb can have up to 60% THC, which makes the four piece grinder the most popular type of aluminum grinder used. One lifehack for aluminum grinders featuring a screen is to place a small coin, like a dime or nickel, on the screen. The agitation of the coin against the screen helps push trichomes down to the chamber below, where they are trapped for collection.


If the above sections have left you flustered and just wanting to find something simple and very much hassle free, then the credit card grinder is your best option. Every credit card grinder will come with a sleeve to slide it into, so as not to get herb remnants all over whatever you toss your grinder card in. The look and size of these aluminum grinders is just like, you guessed it, a credit card. This type of grinder is definitely the most portable, as it can slide into your wallet, purse, or pocket without taking up very much space while also being lightweight. These ultra-small grinders work similar to a cheese grater: you just take your herb and grate it against the aluminum card until a fluffy and fine amount is shredded off. If you become inclined to give your grinder a clean this credit card style option will give you the least trouble when you decide to refresh its look.