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Higher Standards represents the optimum blend of form and function. Be it a piece that you will use every day, or the necessary accessories to maintain your product Higher Standards has you covered. Their curated collection of heavy-duty, hand-crafted glass and maintenance products were conceived for those who put flavor first and consider themselves true connoisseurs. Higher Standards is doing it's best to destroy preconceived notions about those who enjoy the finer aspects of the counterculture industry. Their flagship store in New York City is the first of its kind concept shop: a contemporary take on the upscale, luxury smoke shop with a focus on de-stigmatizing and elevating your glass shopping experience. Launched in the holiday season of 2017 the Higher Standards flagship is their first successful step in the direction of better legitimizing smoking culture.


Each one of Higher Standards' glass pieces is constructed of medical-grade borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is the preferred choice for those looking for a resilient and high functioning piece. This type of glass has a higher melting point than cheaper glass types, making it more heat resistant than regular glass. It is also non-scratch ensuring your Higher Standards glass will always be structurally sound. Because of borosilicate's properties it is able to remain both clear and strong even when exposed to extremely high temperatures, so your rig or beaker will stay cleaner, longer.

The Heavy Duty Beaker from Higher Standards is hand-crafted from their medical-grade glass and is designed to deliver quality hits through maximum filtration. Its wide base ensures maximum stability and the glass-to-glass connection of the bowl and diffused downstem let you know that this beaker is built to outperform and last longer than your average beaker setup. The slits on the diffused downstem generate smaller bubbles during use, making for smooth transmission of pure, water-cooled smoke. Higher Standards beaker is efficiently designed so you'll never have to dread cleaning your unit, with just three high quality pieces to keep track of your beaker is easily cleaned. If you're afraid of damage to your Higher Standards beaker you can always disassemble the whole unit and store it in the provided foam-laced transport case for safe keeping.

For those concentrate centric users Higher Standards has constructed a heavy duty rig that will leave you in awe. This rig was engineered explicitly for the water filtration of concentrates. This durable glass rig has been handcrafted for dynamic, consistent performance, and features a quartz banger for optimal flavor transfer of your concentrates. Just as the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker features slits on its downstem, so too does their Heavy Duty Rig. Once your order has arrived you'll be pleased to see that it includes a silicone concentrate container and a set of dab tools to immediately set you up for success. The Heavy Duty Rig boasts remarkable air flow and an air-tight seal making this setup one of the better performing and more reliable units on the market today.


A high quality beaker or rig demands to be taken care of. Clean glass pieces result in a healthier and more potent experience. Using a dirty rig or beaker gives you a taste of past sessions, which is something no smoker wants. You wouldn't eat off of a dirty plate, so why smoke from a dirty piece? In order to add to your Higher Standards product longevity regular care is essential. Aside from producing top-quality glass pieces Higher Standards has also tailored their cleaning products to have maximum efficiency with a minimalist style. Contained in their Supreme Clean Kit (but also available individually) is everything you could ever want to clean your glass:

  • Higher Standards ISO Pure- Composed of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol this solvent is the most effective tool at eroding the grimiest or residue. ISO Pure evaporates quickly and leaves next to no oil traces.
  • Higher Standards Salt Rox- These coarse granules of rock salt have been finely milled to a consistent size designed to easily fill your beaker or rig to get to small, hard to clean areas. Designed to be used in conjunction with ISO Pure alcohol.
  • (12) Pipe Stix- Devised to be a 2-in-1 tool Pipe Stix will enhance the connection of the closure for a clear air path, and ultimately a smoother draw. Tipped with premium cotton this tool is great for delicate surfaces and has been designed to absorb Higher Standards ISO Pure. The dart-shaped tip that will prevent any cotton remnants being left in your device while the flat-tipped side is perfect for chiseling out denser debris.
  • (12) Pipe Dreamz- Constructed to flex and cut into even the tightest of corners Pipe Dreamz will clean away the tucked-away build up in your rig or beaker. The textured surface acts like a magnet in attaching itself to the hard-to-reach small particles. Bristled to free up resin, but soft enough not to irritate glass surfaces make these a necessity for your cleaning regiment.
  • (1) Resin Rag- Resin is the eternal enemy of any clear glass piece. Despite their "rag" function these wipes as elegant as they are functional. Made of a fine cotton blend for optimal absorption and polishing Resin Rags are a great way to finish your cleaning ritual or to touch up your rig in between deep clean sessions.
  • (2) Dot Wipes- Dual-textured and durable Dot Wipes pre-soaked alcohol pads embedded with small dots to take on stubborn scrubbing jobs. With a hefty 70% Isopropyl Alcohol solution these textured wipes can be used on most glass, metal, and silicone surfaces. The textured side is for removing heavy buildup, and the softer side is for polishing and touch ups.
  • (6) Tube Tops- Probably the simplest of the Higher Standard cleaning line, these Tube Tops plug openings for a worry and spill-free cleaning session. For those who travel and desire discretion, Tube Tops also act as scent stoppers to keep your bags from absorbing any unwanted aromas.
  • (1) Salt Schute (Supreme Clean Kit exclusive)- Getting your Salt Rox into a tight area can be a challenge, Higher Standards anticipated this need and provides you with an easy way to fill your beaker or rig while cleaning.
  • (1) Stem Brush (Supreme Clean Kit Exclusive)- Just in case you have a piece thats so dirty the regular methods can't clean it, Higher Standards gives you a wire brush to take on even the heaviest and stubborn resin bits. Woven metal construction allows this brush to get anywhere you need it to and the coarse bristles will eliminate whatever they come up against.