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Snoop Pounds Starship Water Pipe
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Snoop Dogg Rocketship Glass Waterpipe with Glass Bowl
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Snoop Pounds Spaceship Water Pipe
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Adding to their already star studded lineup of celebrity glassware Famous Brandz has included the Dogg Father himself Snoop Dogg for their latest line of celebrity water pipes, POUNDS. Designed in close collaboration with Snoop Dogg, POUNDS pipes feature interstellar designs, high-grade borosilicate glassware, and their designer’s notorious penchant for the peculiar. As stated by Snoop himself, all these designs were “conceived in outer space and designed in California”, which is very apparent once you check out the various designs. The POUNDS lineup forms a fleet of intergalactic glassware, from the Rocketship water pipe to the concentrate friendly Starship all of the Snoop Dogg certified designs will leave you in awe. With a wide swath of shapes, sizes, and functionality there is a Snoop Dogg POUNDS glass pipe for any type of herbal astronaut.


Famous Brandz designed the Snoop Dogg POUNDS glass water pipes with only one objective: taking you to outer space by way of smooth, potent, and flavorful rips. Equipped with advanced water filtration systems, the Snoop Dogg POUNDS pipes purify and cool your clouds with ease and efficiency. Despite this common thread, each water pipe has a unique design and function. Based on an outer space theme, every piece has a unique name and design, as well as a beautifully styled box.

Inspired by ships, the new smoking apparatus are appropriately named in turn and diverse in shape and size: the Battleship (a 12.5" water pipe with turbine and honeycomb percolators for concentrates), Mothership (a 13" water pipe with barrel and dome percolators, to be used with legal herbs), Rocketship (a 11.5" classic water pipe with diffused downstem for legal herbs), Spaceship (a 6" water pipe with ruffled percolator for concentrates), and the pint-sized Starship (a 6" water pipe with diffused downstem). All of the offered water pipes in the POUNDS collection are shaped to get your imagination working overtime, before you’ve even taken off.


All of the water pipes in the Famous Brandz POUNDS lineup is crafted from highly heat resistant borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass, or “medical grade” glass, is an incredibly inert material, that not only gives each POUNDS piece a clean, elegant look, it also delivers amazingly smooth clouds that are true to the natural flavors and smells of your herb or concentrates. As your smoke passes through the airpath of a POUNDS pipe the glass surface remains cool, meaning the borosilicate glass won’t interfere with the natural properties of your preferred smoking substance.

Geared towards those who care about the real scent and flavor of their herbs or concentrates, borosilicate glass is preferred due to its non-toxicity. Every space-pipe in the POUNDS collection is lead free, hypoallergenic, and BPA free. This is what makes borosilicate glass “medical grade”.

Borosilicate glass gives your POUNDS pipe boosted durability and lets you experiment with ice cube chilling, hot vaporous water, and the intensity of a torch without you being concerned if your water pipe can hold up to the different temperature changes. Aptly known as “space glass” in the industry, borosilicate glass is your best bet to prevent a broken POUNDS piece should you be too far into space and fumble your pipe. Coupled with its strength against temperature change and breakage, these POUNDS pipes are tough enough to be cleaned regularly and fight off any corrosion.