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Mighty Vaporizer
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Find The Best Vaporizer

A lot of what you’ll be looking for in terms of what constitutes the “best” vaporizer will boil down to personal preference, but there are a few units that have risen above the rest to be considered the “best of the best”. The highest ranked vaporizer will usually feature the newest, most advanced vaporization technology, functional designs, elite materials, and be sleek. With quality and performance in mind, top-tier vaporizers will be backed by a manufacturer's warranty as their companies firmly believe in their products performance, and care about your satisfaction. So ask yourself, what vaporizer is best for me? This will depend on the type of hits you prefer, if you wish to be discreet, and whether you vape dry herb, concentrates, oils, or all three.


By incorporating state-of-the-art features such as precise temperature control, high quality craftsmanship, advanced vaporization technology, and state-of-the-art designs, VapeWorld’s picks for Best Vaporizers represent the best in their class. Be it a desktop vape, portable vaporizer like the PAX 2, or vape pen, any kind of model can be found in our list of the top performing and ranking units. From the Volcano Vaporizer to the G Pen Elite these vapes absolutely deserve the title of best vaporizer.


The best vaporizers are made of high grade materials that boost performance in a few different ways, most importantly of which is vapor quality. Be it the borosilicate airpath of the Dr. Dabber Boost, or the intelligently engineered percolator of the Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship, vaporizers that are top tier deliver insanely pure, flavorful hits by virtue of their design and materials used. The lab-tested, medical grade materials used in heating chambers of units such as the Mighty provide clean tasting vapor with no unnecessary tastes or harsh hits. Remarkable build quality also adds to a vaporizers durability, making on-the-go use a little less stressful for those who might consider themselves clumsy.


Eye catching designs are great by themselves, but the best vaporizers will couple their designs with top tier performance. While certain vaporizers like the Pulsar APX 2 might look intimidating at first, all of these vapes are intuitive and easy to use for any level of vape user. The main themes of well designed vapes are smooth exteriors with minimal interfaces, and even mobile-app controls. This all encompassing approach makes a new era in portable vaporizers which focuses on only the essential functions of a vape, and eliminates the excess.


Whether it is a desktop unit, or a vape pen the best vaporizers should feature intuitive controls that are very simple, yet effective in customizing your vaping session based on your preferences. The Volcano Classic, which is considered to be the “grandfather” of modern vaporizers, boasts an easy to understand knob for zeroing in on your desired temperature. With pen style and portable vaporizers it will usually be a “click system” or easy to see digital arrows that dictate the temperature. Some, such as the PAX 3 offer phone apps that utilize bluetooth technology to let you change your temperature using your phone so your vape can stay concealed while you choose the temp that it will heat to.


Chances are if you’re looking for the “best” vaporizer, vapor quality is of utmost importance to you. The best vaporizers tend to feature advanced heating systems that heat your concentrate or dry herb right to the point of combustion, thereby extracting more flavor and effects with fewer toxins or irritants entering the users lungs. The Arizer Solo 2 features a hybrid convection and conduction heating system, meaning that it vaporizes herb against the hot walls of the chamber while simultaneously spewing hot air into every nook and cranny of bowl. This kind of system is on present in vaporizers that wish to be considered “the best”.