Arizer Solo II Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo 2 is the pinnacle of portable vaporizers, possessing unparalleled features and portability without sacrificing convenience. Lightweight and pocket-friendly, this modern marvel boasts a myriad of advanced and adaptable attributes that amplify its versatility and cutting-edge capabilities. It is a smart option for personal use as the name suggests. Its all glass airway is a pretty special feature in the market. The only drawback, it falls apart upside down.


All Glass Vapor Path

For a clean vapor experience

Longer Battery Life

Faster heating times and longer sessions

Precise Control

Never burn your material

Sleek Portable Design



The Arizer Solo 2 is bundled with two high-quality borosilicate glass aroma tubes that are designed to provide a potent and flavorful experience from your botanicals. Many users prefer the experience over vapor paths from competitors that include plastic.
Simply fill the bowl of the tube with finely ground herbs, and insert it into the chamber where it will fit securely via rubber grommets. As the vapor only interacts with the thermal-resistant glass, the overall potency and flavor are maintained at a higher level.


The Arizer Solo 2 boasts a more robust 3400mAh battery, resulting in faster heating times and improved overall performance, elevating the user's vaping experience to new heights. The upgraded battery now offers 3 hours of continuous vaping with roughly 20 uses per full charge. Additionally, the heating time has been drastically reduced down to thirty seconds. With a temperature range that can be raised by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the user has even more flexibility to experiment with the vaping temperature. The battery can be fully charged in just 90 minutes via DC outlet, making it a convenient option for on-the-go vaping enthusiasts.


Arizer Solo 2 is furnished with a state-of-the-art precision temperature heating system, enabling you to fine-tune the temperature to your vaping preference. The device features a user-friendly control interface with an LED display, enabling you to modify the temperature with ease. With the ability to select temperature in 1 or 10 degree increments, the temperature can be adjusted to any setting between 122F and 428F. The Arizer Solo II is ideal for dry herb enthusiasts who want to extract more flavors and effects, as it allows for pinpointing the perfect temperature for any strain.


Burn Off

To ensure a clean and optimal vaping experience, it is recommended to perform a burnoff cycle on the Arizer Solo 2 after charging, in order to remove any manufacturing or shipping residues. To initiate the burnoff cycle, set the temperature to 428°F (220°C) with an empty oven and let it run for approximately 10 minutes until it shuts off automatically. If any unpleasant smells are detected during this process, it should be repeated.


The Solo II's controls are simple and easy to use. Press and hold the middle and top buttons to turn it on, then use the up and down arrows to set the temperature. The small numbers on the bottom of the display indicate the target temperature, while the upper numbers display the current temperature.

For more advanced settings, the Solo II has a settings menu that can be accessed by pressing the center Menu button. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the settings and click the center menu button again to cycle through the menu options.


When loading the Solo II, it is recommended to use a medium to coarse grind or none at all, as fine particles may pull through the screen and into the mouth. To load the device, gently plunge the open end of the stem into the ground herbs, leaving about a millimeter of space at the end to prevent singeing.


Before starting a session, carefully insert the glass stem with the herbs facing towards the oven. It is recommended to start at 390°F (199°C) and take long, slow draws of at least ten seconds each. If the draw is too difficult, gently pull the stem out slightly to increase airflow. After use, it is important to clean the Solo II immediately by removing the stem and blowing through the mouthpiece-end and into the oven to remove any debris.


BATTERY 3400mah 7.2V Dual Battery (Internal)
HEAT TIME 30 Seconds
TEMPERATURE 50 °C - 220 °C (122 °F - 428 °F)
WARRANTY 2 Years Limited Warranty with TVAPE
MATERIALS Anodized aluminum,Borosilicate Glass,Stainless Steel Heating Chamber
What’s in the Box
Arizer Solo II
2x Glass Aroma Tubes
Aroma Dish
Stirring Tool
Travel Pouch
Wall Charger


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