Future of Vaporization

Comedian George Lopez recently set the vaporizing community a-twitter when TMZ posted a YouTube clip of him carrying Pax Vaporizer. The significance here isn't that a celebrity was spotted with a vaporizer; it was that a TMZ reporter knew what Pax was and seemed to expect that their audience would too. That's a clear sign that public awareness of vaporization is on the rise.


Ploom has almost single-handedly brought vaporization into the public spotlight. Indeed, the publicity around the launch of Pax is probably the strongest indicator of where this space is headed. The development team at Ploom has combined cutting-edge technology, superior materials, and innovative designs to offer an unparalleled level of portability: the real future of the industry.


The convergence of two key factors is driving the burgeoning appeal of portable vaporizers: a heightened public awareness of the concept, as well as significant technological advances. Simply put, consumers are starting to view vaporization as a viable alternative, but they want it on their terms. That means consumers expect the same convenience they enjoy when employing traditional methodologies. Experienced users and neophytes alike want to carry their vaporizer everywhere with ease, and they want it to be as simple and straightforward to use. And now that is finally possible, as technology has progressed to the point where new vaporizers more than meet the expectations of even the most discerning connoisseur.

The improved portability of next generation designs like Pax is helping to vault vaporizers from a previously niche market into the mainstream. Until now, the typical vaporizer consumer was an early adopter (think iPhone 1): they had already researched vaporization, and had likely used or even owned a vaporizer in the past. Ploom has engaged the sector most likely to convert—existing users—and delivered a device that also appeals to consumers less familiar with vaporization. The result is unprecedented interest and demand.

Pen-style vaporizers in particular have taken the industry by storm. Products like the G-Pen, now being popularized by hip hop artists and rappers, produce little to no odor, and are a favorite choice amongst consumers who seek discretion without sacrificing convenience. At the same time, you can frequently spot commuting businessmen with an attaché case in one hand and a sleek vaporizer in the other. That kind of organic crossover appeal is rare, and it’s a phenomenon that has savvy retailers sitting up and taking note.

As much as portable vaporizers are currently driving the market, we can’t discount the enduring popularity of tabletop models like the Volcano. This product’s balloon-style delivery mechanism offers consumers a consistently wonderful and efficacious experience. The Volcano still is truly the Porsche of vaporization, and that well-deserved reputation provides these vaporizers with enough staying power to survive the deluge of new models.

What we are seeing right now is nothing short of a fundamental shift in culture. Fortunately for retailers and consumers, advances in technology are rising to meet this new demand for portability and efficiency. Innovative companies like Ploom have taken this opportunity to give the whole idea of vaporization a stylish makeover, and in doing so they have begun to elevate the public profile of the entire industry.

Here at Vape World, we couldn’t be more excited by the new direction in which these fresh new ideas are taking the vaporization community. We take great pride in keeping our clientele informed about all the latest developments and trends, and we encourage you to check back with us regularly for the most accurate, reliable and insightful news on the vaporization industry.