Source Nail Attachment

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Source Nail Attachment


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Source Nail Attachment

Source Nail Attachment

by Source

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  • Quartz, Ceramic and Ti Nails
  • Split-Glass Bubbler
  • 510 Threaded
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Also Works as Vape Pen
  • Lifetime Warranty

Source Nail Attachment

The Source Nail Attachment is a concentrate lover's dream. Whether you like to do your dabs on titanium, quartz, or ceramic, the Source Nail has you covered. The 510-threaded Source Nail has an integrated bubbler lets you filter your vapors for a super smooth experience. If you're looking for a portable rig that feels like home.

How it Works

The Source Nail Attachment works with all 510 threaded units, simply screw on firmly, and load your concentrate onto the nail. Press the power button on your unit, and the nail should heat up in 7 seconds. Draw and enjoy!


The Source Nail Attachment can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. Replace your atomizer as needed.

What's in the Box

  • Ti nail
  • Quartz Nail
  • Ceramic Nail
  • 3 Atomizers
  • Glass Carb Cap
  • Glass Bubbler
  • USB Cable

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Warranty Contact

  • Source Vapes
  • 1.855.710.8700


Manufacturer's Warranty for Source Nail

- Atomizer: 30 Days 

- Battery: Life Time