PAX Plus vs. PAX Mini

The Pax Plus and Pax Mini were released together in November of 2022 by PAX Labs. As the first major release from the brand in nearly five years, expectations were high following the tremendously popular PAX 3. The Mini and Plus preserve the classic style of PAX Labs’ portable vaporizers with impressive upgrades to technology, temperature settings, and color options. Having trouble deciding which one is right for you? Keep reading for a breakdown of the PAX Mini and PAX Plus to help.  

How are they Different? 

PAX Plus 

- $250
- Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer
- 4 Unique Experience Modes
- 2+ Hour Battery Life
- 10-Year Limited Warranty

The Pax Plus is a premium portable vaporizer that supports both dry herb and concentrate material. It has four unique temperature settings/experience modes that are precisely programmed to maximize your vapor quality based on your immediate needs. If you’re trying to keep things discrete, simply select Stealth mode and your PAX Plus will automatically reduce the amount of vapor emitted and dim the lighting and vibration effects. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of large clouds and vaping with concentrates, select Boost mode and the PAX Plus vaporizer will increase vapor production and ease the cool down features to ensure you get the most impactful hit. The Plus is also offered in new and trending colors such as Elderberry, Sage, and Periwinkle, a refreshing sight amongst other vapes. If you prefer a larger oven size for higher doses of material, the PAX Plus has a 0.5g chamber and includes a half-pack oven lid for shorter sessions. Although taller, the PAX Plus stands at just 3.87 inches, a fraction of an inch away from the Mini at 3.66 inches. Enjoy a session at home, stash it in your pocket, take it on the go, and pick up where you left off with ease. Check out our PAX Plus Review for a more in-depth look at the PAX Plus vaporizer.  

PAX Mini 

- $150
- Dry Herb Vaporizer
- One Button Operation
- 2+ Hour Battery Life
- One Optimized Heat Setting
- 2-Year Limited Warranty

The PAX Mini has the same high-level standards when it comes to the technology and basic functions of the PAX Plus for a fraction of the price. This portable vape is for dry herbs only and has a 0.25g oven designed specifically for solo sessions. It can be packed, emptied, and cleaned in record time. PAX Mini produces unmatched vapor using advanced convection heating ensuring that your material won’t burn. The Mini has the same battery life as the Plus standing at over 2 hours of continuous use and the same 22 second heat up time. The Mini lives up to its name with a height of just 3.66 inches, which is around the length of a credit card! The PAX Mini might just be the easiest portable vaporizer to use meaning it can be a great fit for anyone. Read more about the PAX Mini in our PAX Mini Review.  

How to Choose 

If you’re deciding between the PAX Plus and the PAX Mini, we’re happy to tell you that you can’t go wrong here! Both vaporizers will make the most of your money giving you the highest-quality vapor and operations so simple and efficient that anyone can use. If you value variety in your vaping sessions and find yourself sharing with others frequently, PAX Plus is likely the better option. Alternatively, if you prefer to enjoy your dry herbs solo or if you’re on a budget, the Mini might be more your style. To see what other vaporizers made it on our list of favorites, be sure to check out our top portable vapes for 2023.