Age Verification

Here at, we’re all about the safe and responsible use of our products. That’s why we utilize cutting edge technology to ensure all our customers are of legal age to purchase them.

If your age cannot be verified your order will be canceled and refunded. 

Why Do We Age Verify?

Age verification will soon become a federal and state legal requirement to purchase tobacco and vape products online. In addition, we also want to encourage the responsible usage of products we sell. So before your order can be placed on our website, you will need to validate that you are of legal age to purchase tobacco-related products in your given state.

You can find the minimum age requirements for your state here.

What Is BlueCheck?

BlueCheck is an age and identity verification company based in Austin, TX. They provide age verification for this website as well as many other popular retailers. Their software allows online businesses to meet compliance with US federal state regulations while providing a safe and secure way for customers to verify.

You can find more information about BlueCheck here.

How Does BlueCheck Work?

BlueCheck uses some of the information entered during checkout to automatically and instantly verify most customers when they place an order. If additional information is needed to complete age verification, a BlueCheck pop up will appear after checkout and ask you to "Complete age verification". Once age verification has been completed you will be notified by BlueCheck via the pop up or by email, and your order will be moved onto fulfillment.

Common Questions

Why do I have to submit the last four of my SSN?

If additional information is needed to complete age verification, you may be asked to submit the last four digits of your social security number. This information is neither stored nor shared by BlueCheck and is solely used to attempt an automatic age verification. BlueCheck uses the last four digits of your social security number because it is a very reliable, secure, and unique identifier that can be used to authenticate your age.

Why am I being asked for a photo ID?

If additional information is needed to complete age verification, you may be asked to submit clear photos of yourself holding your ID and a photo of your ID. It is important that your photos meet these requirements otherwise BlueCheck will be unable to confirm your age.

Photos are only reviewed by trained BlueCheck staff, based in Austin, Texas. In addition, photos are used for the sole purpose of completing age verification and are securely transmitted via an encrypted protocol. Once verified all photos are removed from online servers.

Why isn't my photo ID being accepted?

Please make sure that when you submit a photo ID that it matches the name on your order. BlueCheck will not accept another person's ID, even if valid, for your order. Also, make sure that all photos submitted to BlueCheck are clear and legible. It is important that BlueCheck staff can see and read the information on your ID.

Who do I contact if I'm having trouble with age verification?

If you are having trouble with age verification please contact BlueCheck support at