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24 Essential 420 Party Ideas You've Never Thought Of

24 Essential 420 Party Ideas You've Never Thought Of

Chances are you don’t realize how open your friends and family are to a 420 party.

It turns out 1 in 8 Americans are down to party. In fact, the number of Americans who smoke herb either regularly or occasionally has doubled in just three years.

Here’s a list of 24 do-it-yourself 420 party ideas that are easy, affordable, and fun.


1. Play Giant Jenga

There’s a reason over 50 million Jenga sets have been sold since the game launched back in 1983. There’s nothing like the sound of a crashing Jenga tower at a party. 

To give this classic game a trippy twist, you can create your own DIY giant Jenga set for your 420 party.

Alternatively, you can buy a giant Jenga set from retailers like Target. Either way, giant Jenga will keep 420 party guests on the edge of their seats.

You could even turn Jenga into a smoking game. When the tower falls, you toke. Plus you can write a "dare" on each block for people to do when they successfully pull one out. 

2. Try Vaping on 420!

Vaping is a great way to enjoy 420 without any smoke, lingering odors, or ash. Vapes are also easy to pass around the room, so having a vaporizer available will make it easier to share the love. 

You can choose between a vape pen or portable vaporizer. Both types are easy to use.

3. Have a Nature Party 

Taking it to the great outdoors will give your 420 party a foresty, freewheeling vibe. Experiencing the beauty of nature with friends is relaxing, fun, and even a little trippy.

Bring along some munchies and blankets for a picnic. And don't forget a bluetooth speaker or guitar for filling the wilderness with your favorite jams. 

4. Hotbox a Blanket Fort

Blanket forts are for kids. But there’s something whimsical about hanging out in a house made of blankets and pillows that appeals to adults, which is why they’ve been turning up at listening parties and art shows alike.

You can find tons of blanket fort ideas on Pinterest and elsewhere. And the best part, once your fortress is built, you can hotbox it.

If you're worried about smells clinging to your linens, a vaporizer comes highly recommended. The vapor won't stick to blankets and pillows like smoke, plus vaporizers don't easily start fires like smoking can. 

5. Set Up a 420 Friendly Photobooth

A photo booth is a fun way to immortalize your 420 party with Instagram worthy shots.

A simple and easy way to create a photo booth requires only a large empty picture frame and some twine. Simply hang the frame from a tree outdoors (or indoors using wall hangers), and your guests can stand inside the frame for a photoshoot.

You can also create a giant polaroid frame with some poster board, a ruler, and box cutter. You can add a clever 420-friendly caption to your “polaroid” for good measure!

6. Curate a Collaborative 420 Friendly Playlist

Music makes the people come together. Happy music, for example, makes us assume those around us are happy, which is great for socializing. Putting together a 420 party playlist will set the mood for a good time that everyone can enjoy.

To set a 420 theme, you can start researching songs directly related to getting high, then start getting creative with music that simply enhances vibes. Browse 420 party playlists on streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud. You’ll find tons of ideas from chill trap mixes to dubstep playlists designed specifically for putting that smoke up in the air.

You can even make a collaborative playlist with your friends to forge the perfect 420-friendly playlist.

7. Burn Flying Wish Paper

Lighting some flying wish paper is a beautiful and fun experience that’s grown popular among millennials.

420 party guests can write their secret wishes on this delicate little scrap of paper, then roll it into a ball and light it. The flying wish paper will flutter toward the sky until it magically disappears.

It’s a symbolic act that people tend to appreciate on a day like 420. And it’s an opportunity for people to chat about their wildest dreams.

8. Plan a Cleaning Party

This 420-friendly take on the cleaning party craze makes a fun time out of every smoker's least favorite chore. Cleaning your bong with friends is also an opportunity to learn knew cleaning methods. 

If you're looking for some classy cleaning supplies for your 420 party, Higher Standards puts out high end versions of all the essential bong cleaning products and accessories, from ISO Pure isopropyl alcohol to Salt Rox, their very own rock salt. Their products are high quality and bring back a crystal clear look to your glass pipe. 

After everyone's done cleaning their bongs, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with a 420 smoke session. 

9. Set up A Coloring Table

LA-based restaurant Wurstkuche got it right when they filled their popular beer and sausage spot with coloring tables.

If the recent popularity of adult coloring books is anything to go by, grown ups enjoy doodling just as much as kids. All you need to replicate this experience at your 420 party is a pack of crayons and a large sheet of paper that doubles as a table cloth.

If you’re really serious about having a drawing table, you can find reusable coloring clothes that you simply throw in the washer after your party.

10. Throw a Projector Party

Projectors have made a comeback lately at bars and house parties, and it’s easy to see how renting one for your 420-friendly party can set the stage for a memorable night. Having beautiful moving images in the background makes for a captivating ambiance.

Everyone likes movies. They give guests something to watch together and chat about.

You can rent a projector for one day for as low as $30. Put some Planet Earth on the wall, perhaps 2001: A Space Odyssey, and set the mood for deep conversation.

11. Turn on Psychedelic Lights

Trippy lights not only look beautiful. They inspire feelings of joy, awe, and excitement that your party guests will definitely be open to on 420.

Light, as it happens, actually affects the brain like a drug. While it’ll be tough watching the aurora borealis from your backyard, you can at least simulate the experience with a psychedelic night light. There are plenty of options including disco lights and kaleidoscopic laser projectors that display constellations all across your room.

Laser projectors are actually fairly affordable, so it won’t hurt your wallet to add a cosmic vibe to your 420 party.

12. Compete in a Cone Rolling Contest

Who can roll the best cone is a bit of fun that both novices and masters can partake in. 

If you really want to test your rolling skills, you can compete against the OTTO grinder, a new all-in-one device that grinds your herb AND rolls a joint with it all in one fell swoop.

OTTO comes with premium cones made of GMO and chemical-free raw fiber, so you can enjoy some slow-burning, pure-tasting smoke after the contest. 

13. Set Some Mood Lighting

It turns out mood lighting is really a thing. Recent research shows that darkness gives us a feeling of freedom from constraints, which can increase creativity in people.

Dimming the lights will have the double benefit of helping your guests relax and become expressive.

If you really want to set the mood, you can set down easy-to-make DIY mason jar candles, which can include a slice of lemon, mint, and other herbs to fill your 420 party with essential oil fragrances and flickering light.

14. Keep CBD on Hand to Defeat Anxiety

It’s a best practice among experienced 420 party goers to only consume within your known limit. But mistakes can happen, especially on a holiday such as this.

Luckily, there are ways to take your high down a notch if you over do it. An essential tool for getting unhigh is ironically one of the main compounds found in herb, cannabidiol. CBD promotes calmness, among other effects, and when used in concentrate form, it can help counteract the anxiety sometimes experienced when you celebrate 420 a little too hard.

Some CBD concentrates are free of the compounds that actually make you feel high, so people can take it without any of the usual effects associated with herb.

15. Don't Forget the Black Pepper 

Every 420 party needs a little spice. But not just to keep things interesting. Many smokers, including Neil Young, swear by the power of black pepper to reduce your high.

Keep some black pepper kernels in a dish, perhaps next to the CBD and water.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle tons of black pepper on a tasty recipe such as guacamole for a more palatable delivery option.

16. Build a Hydration Station

Hydration is the key to combatting cottonmouth as well as dehydration from all those delicious green cocktails. But most parties don’t offer water to guests.

Break the mold with your own hydration station. A DIY approach requires only a shallow plywood box, some cinderblocks, and a bag of ice for a backyard refreshments bar.

For the smokers at your 420 party, you can throw in a few bottles of Piece Water, BUT NOT TO DRINK. Piece Water is a bong water alternative that prevents gunk and resin build up and promotes clean, smooth hits. Piece Water is 100% all natural and very pure, which party guests will appreciate. 

17. Cosmic Bowling 

Nothing brings friends together like a few games of cosmic bowling. This trippy version of the classic leisure sport features laser lights and music, which can be pretty stimulating on a day like 420. 

Chances are your local bowling alley will have cosmic bowling at least once a week, and the really cool ones will have it on 420. 

18. Design a Rest Area

The best cure for being too high is a good nap. It’s also just nice to chill when you’re feeling good.

Set up a rest area in a separate room where people can lay down, chit chat, or shut their brains off for awhile.

The bean bag pillows made by Lovesac are giant, comfy, and look a little outside-the-box, which fits the 420-friendly party vibe perfectly. Your rest area will be sure to attract guests to its oasis of pillows and blankets.

19. Grab a Case of Stone Enjoy by 420 IPA

Stone’s Enjoy By IPA series flips the idea of an expiration date on its head with a super fresh beer made to be enjoyed as soon as possible.

Stone made an Enjoy By IPA specifically for 420. This extra hoppy brew tastes more intense than the usual IPA, with over a dozen hops, and for that reason it has a shorter shelf life.

Your 420 party guests who don’t smoke but love a good beer will appreciate the thoughtful and refreshing gesture.

20. Serve 420-Enhancing Foods

Did you know certain foods help your body better absorb the active compounds found in dry herb?

Eating mangos just an hour or two prior to consuming some 420-friendly material will get the party going faster. You can set out this tangy yet spicy mango salad with some chips, which takes only 15 minutes to make.

On top of that, the unsaturated fat found in nuts binds with the active compound in dry herb to help your body absorb it better. Just a bowl of trail mix will, ahem, enhance your 420 party.

21. Rethink Edibles

Edibles can make for a mellow evening when used correctly. It’s paramount that you know your limits, and choose edibles with the appropriate potency levels.

Edibles can also be fun and delicious. There are a wide variety of boutique edibles out there, especially in legalized states. Yummi Karma, for instance, makes tortilla chip and popcorn edibles in a variety of flavors that will spice up your 420 friendly party. With flavors like sriracha, zesty ranch, and nacho cheese, your edible-loving guests will be in heaven.

But big disclaimer: These are not food. One bite could place you on Pluto’s surface. You don’t want to leave a bowl of these laying out for anyone to snack on, but having a bag to offer (with a disclaimer) could make a more experienced guest’s night.

22. Create a Draw Station 

On occassion, you gotta break out the special stuff. For 420, a good concentrate rig is just what the party needs.

If you want something more portable and low-key, a torchless dab kit like the Hyer Big-E is the way to go. Simply stick your glass pipe on the docking station, clamp it in, and insert the ceramic heating element into the included nail attachment. With no torch, the hits are way less harsh and way more potent and flavorful. 

Hyer Big-E is wireless, so you can pass this baby around the room with no hassle, and it's compatible with 90% of all flat-base pipes, so chances are it will work with your rig. It also has precise temperature control, so each person can choose the ideal temp for their preferred dabs. 

23. Bake While Baked

You can prepare for the munchies with some delicious recipes that don’t get you high. There are plenty of options for last-minute party snack ideas out there that you can whip up in a jiffy.

You can also create your own special recipes for those who want a little more from their snack.

Plenty of 420 recipes exist, and you want to become the Martha Stewart for 420, you can create your own infused butter, salad dressing, and more using the Magical Butter Machine. It’s like a crock pot for edibles that’s very easy to use and effective at maintaining potency.

24. Dress Up for Your 420 Party

Now that smoking isn't as taboo, clothing brands are coming up with some pretty slick 420-friendly designs. If you're looking for a cool t-shirt or hoodie to wear, check out some of the best 420 clothing of 2018 at Lucky Box Club.  

Any 420 Ideas?

Whether you throw a big bash or quiet get-together, planning a 420 party this year is a new way to bring friends, family and connections together for fun and libations. Thanks to legalization, new openness toward 420 has developed among Americans, which has changed the way we use dry herb. It’s not just a pastime for Cheech and Chong types, but a fun way for millennials to meet new people, bond with their friends, and try out new experiences. We’ve had a blast trying out these 420 party ideas. Now it’s time for you to throw a 420 party to remember. Any ideas? Let us know in the comments.