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Eyce Spoon
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Eyce Mini Beaker
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Eyce Shorty Taster
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Eyce Collector
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Eyce Sidecar
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Eyce Hammer
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Eyce Beaker
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EYCE 2.0
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Eyce Silicone Cleaner
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Eyce 2.0 Waterpipe Ninja Suit
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Eyce 2.0 Expansion Kit
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Eyce Rig II
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Born from the minds of two brothers in Colorado, Eyce Molds has become an innovator in the silicone pipe game. Every piece is made from BPA-free, platinum grade silicone and comes in a wide array of striking color combinations. Unbreakable yet still incorporating medical-grade borosilicate glass, each Eyce Molds piece is made to last forever without sacrificing performance over durability. Aside from their highly functional beakers, bubblers, rigs, and pipes Eyce Molds has innovated an ice mold for a chilling rendition of the classic water pipe. Eyce Molds kept convenience, durability, and functionality at the forefront of their designs by bringing you sleek, functional products that combine water filtration with ice cooling technology to delivers smoother rips every sessions.


Each spoon pipe, beaker, rig, and bubbler from Eyce Molds has innovative storage and tool options to help bring your session to new heights. All of their pieces have a durable silicone body available in a variety of options. Classic designs combined with modern conveniences make Eyce a favorite for the “everyday” smoker.


Even the most “basic” of smoking devices gets the functionality treatment. The Eyce spoon pipe features a poker holder and stash container lid, so if you need to smoke on-the-go you can pack the bowl and cap it. The bowl of the spoon is inlaid borosilicate glass, which makes for easy cleaning and great flavor retention.


Eyce took the typical beaker shape and added everything a smoker might need for their session. Each beaker features a large hidden jar, rolling tray, magnetic ring lighter holder, stainless steel poker (a poker holder is also on the beaker itself), and ice catch. All of these items are easily stored in the hidden jar, which is accessible by unscrewing it from the bottom of the beaker. The 14mm borosilicate glass bowl gives the user a lot of options, bowl wise, if they wish to switch out pieces.


With their Hammer bubbler Eyce aimed at recreating the classic bubbler silhouette, with a focus on their trademark functionality. The Hammer has a snap-in glass bowl, which is useful for cleaning sessions, as well as a hidden jar, stem cap, and steel poker.

For concentrate centric smokers, Eyce’s rig is an everlasting high quality concentrate consumer. The silicone that coats the borosilicate glass makes this rig easy to travel with as it does a tremendous job of protecting glass components against breakage. And of course, it has a hidden jar and tool holder to keep you prepared for anything.


Ice catches can only get your smoke or vapor cool enough, so Eyce created a mold that gives you the ability to pour and freeze your own water pipe. The Eyce 2.0 Kit can cool your smoke as cold as 25°F and can be filled with your favorite fruits to make your vapor taste like whatever you’d like it to for that particular session. Made from food-grade silicone, the Eyce 2.0 is compatible with any standard 9mm slide, and can be converted for rig use. To help slow the melting process Eyce developed a carrying case, known as the “Ninja Suit”, that allows you to get mega-cooled rips without the worry of breaking your ice water pipe while on the go.

The Eyce mold gives you the option of not worrying after a dropped-water-pipe scenario takes place during your session, as if you manage to break your ice pipe you can have a brand new one in a few hours or so, free of charge. The ability to create a new piece every session is a plus in terms of cleaning, as the only pieces that need to be cared for after heavy use are the mouthpiece and the downstem.


Platinum Grade Silicone, or Platinum-Cure Silicone, is incredibly flexible yet durable. This type of silicone exhibits low shrinkage (so your Eyce pipe won’t ever look disfigured) and high physical properties, as it can stand up to temperature changes, tearing, and blunt force. Using such a high-grade of silicone means that Eyce products have a reduced chance to mold, as the platinum curing process produces no peroxide residues. Platinum grade silicone is considered a “top tier” silicone, which is why it is favored in the food, beverage, and medical sectors.


Eyce paired their Platinum Grade Silicone with the best glass on the market to bring you a combination that makes your pieces unbreakable and maintainable. Borosilicate glass has long been the standard in the medical community for its clarity and durability. In the pipe world it is coveted for those same properties, as well as being able to bring out all the different flavors of your herb. The biggest demand people put on their water pipes and spoons is the ability to hold its own against high temperatures. With an Eyce piece you’ll be able to experiment with hot vaporous water, cooled ice cubes, and the heat of a torch without worrying about wear or cracking.

Every smoker has been here before: you hand your water pipe to a friend and couldn’t quite make the handoff, and now you have to watch as your beloved smoking device falls to its demise. Thankfully Eyce combined their uber-durable silicone with the strongest glass on the market so you won’t have this problem again. Often called “space glass”, borosilicate glass has a futuristic ability to stand strong against breakage and abuse. Each Eyce piece uses borosilicate glass as the bowl (and if utilized, the downstem) to ensure durable and flavorful sessions.

Aside from its strength against temperature and breakage, borosilicate glass is tough enough to clean regularly and resist corrosion. To clean your Eyce pieces you can soak them in isopropyl alcohol, a 70% or higher solution is recommended, and then swab them with a q-tip. Keeping your Eyce piece clean will boost its performance and make your indestructible pipe last even longer than initially thought. Lastly, non-toxicity is a big reason borosilicate glass is so popular. Boro glass is lead-free, BPA-free, and hypoallergenic, freeing you up to focus on the healthy qualities of the herbs you’re going to be enjoying.