4/20 Survival guide

4/20 Survival guide

Ahh 4/20...the most enjoy-a-bowl time of the year is almost here! An unofficial holiday stemming from a group of of friends - aka the Waldos - who would meet up at 4:20pm everyday to hunt for green pungent treasure during the 70’s. Fast forward fifty years, the beauty of this evolved yearly tradition is the unity that it instills across the nation. Whether you’re a professional space cowboy or a novice space cadet, there is no wrong way to celebrate the greenest holiday of the year; but I’ve put together a helpful guide to ensure you have the most elevated 420 yet!

The Necessities

First and foremost is Aunt Mary herself. Whether you’re smoking some flower, golden honey, or ingesting it, make sure you stock up. Once you’ve secured the bag, check out Vapor for your smoking and/or vaping utensils and accessories. If you’re into rolling papers, check out the 24K gold rolling papers by Shine. You’ll truly be living the high life with luxury between your fingertips and gold flakes residing in the ashes of your j. If you’re looking for something innovative and functional, I’d recommend the Hydrology9. It’s a cross between a water pipe and a vaporizer, and holy sh!t is the hit smoooooth. This product is definitely one of a kind with dope LED lights indicating controlled temperature settings. But, if you’re looking for some consumer favorite products, check out the PAX 3 complete kit - a dual-use, portable vaporizer for both dry herb and concentrate; the Volcano vaporizer - a legendary and extremely durable desktop vaporizer, perfect for group seshes; or a glass piece from FamousBrandz for the OG’s who just wanna kick it old skool and smoke out of a beautiful water pipe. To make your life a little easier I’d also recommend a grinder to grind up your dry herb. There’s nothing more annoying than breaking up the devil’s lettuce with your fingers; not to mention how sticky they get if you’re buying that good ish.

Let the High Times Roll!

There really isn’t a wrong way to celebrate the best day of the year, but if you’re looking for something new to do or just need to spark some ideas, here’s a list of my favorite 4/20 activities:

  • Let’s start off with every toker’s favorite past time...Netflix and chill - aka binge watch Netflix and order enough delivery to feed a small army. Pro tip: no matter how much pizza or chinese takeout you order, when the munchies hit, you’ll never have too much food, so I would recommend stocking up on snacks prior to initiating in 4/20 rituals.
  • Have a 4/20 party with your fellow buds! This holiday is all about celebrating a beautiful green culture, so what better way to celebrate than with the homies. Puff puff pass and vibe to your favorite jams or check out one of our edibles recipes and cook up something sweet or savory.
  • If it’s a beautiful day out, take a toke and go enjoy nature. Whether you’re embracing some Vitamin D on a beach or enjoying some snowfall on a hike, if you’re able to head outside I would highly suggest leaving the house at least once.
  • Laughing grass is known to spark creativity so if art is your thing create something brilliant! Draw, paint, create music, whatever your talent is share your art with the world. There’s also nothing more therapeutic than doing something you love while riding a crisp vibe *wink wink*.
  • Now here’s my favorite thing to do while my head is in the clouds: attend an event. Go to any kind of event that interests you—a music event, a comedy show, or for those of you lucky duckies who live in a recreationally legalized state, there’s 4/20 focused events that are super lit.

No matter what you decide to do, enjoy the euphoric state of mind and the rich culture and history that comes with 4/20 and have a happy holidaaaze!