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710 Sale 2020

710 Sale 2020

Who says April gets all the fun? This July is celebrating 710 by giving you 15% off sitewide from 7/6-7/14 with promo code 710SALE! It doesn’t matter if you’re a diehard dabber needing a new rig or a dry herb aficionado wanting a new box of rolling papers, we’ve got your smoking and concentrate needs covered.

We always keep the best smoking and vaping brands in stock and are going to dive into some of our favorite concentrate related products that you should check out to make your 710 celebrate special, and don’t worry if you don’t dabble in concentrates, we’ve got our Best of the Rest for 710 section as well. Let’s see what savings are in store this week!

Glass Dab Rigs On Sale For 710

The glass dab rig has become a staple of the smoking and dabbing community with concentrate users being able to choose from full size dab rigs that produce elite flavor profiles, to mini dab rigs that hit a lot harder than their size lets on. You might need a new rig this week, so let’s take a look at some of our favorites on sale during 710 Week!

K.Haring Rig - $130.00

K.Haring Rig in yellow colorway

High art and concentrates, two things combined well by the K.Haring Glass Collection. The K.Haring Rig combines a turbine percolator with unparalleled artistry to deliver one of the best concentrate rigs to come out this year. The aforementioned percolator generates a cyclone of moisture for remarkably cool draws. A built-in splash guard makes sessions clean, and a 90° downstem and directional carb cap gives you complete control over your airflow. You’ll find Haring’s signature etched into the base of the K.Haring Rig, with hand-applied designs on the top of the chamber.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig - $180.00


The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig is one of the more refined dab rigs we carry. With an ergonomic design, the Heavy Duty Rig is tailored for straight-forward sessions that are free of pretension. A diffused downstem is paired with a flared mouthpiece creates an airtight seal against your lips for fuller draws. Higher Standards included a quartz banger to help boost flavor as your manufacture large clouds. For added grip, a dimple at the top of the percolator gives your index finger a comfy place to rest while you're ripping. When the rig's resting, a thick flat base keeps it secure. 

6" SPG GRAV Labs Fixed Umbrella Perc Rig - $110.00


GRAV has long been a friend of dry herb smokers, so it was fantastic to see them jump on the concentrate train as it began to gain steam. Stephen Pierce's influential designs have played an essential role at Grav and the SPG Umbrella percolator provides optimal diffusion for flawless smoothness. With such a compact size your draws will be thick and flavorful, your vapor has less room to move around inside the rig's chamber, helping retain flavor and creating surprisingly large draws for such a compact rig. 

E Rigs On Sale For 710

Not into the old-school dab rigs? Don’t fret because we’ve got the most technologically advanced e-rigs in stock for you to tinker with during your next session. Take these e-rigs wherever you go for convenient concentrate sessions and pinpoint your temperature down to the single degree to bring the most out of your material.

KandyPens Oura - $349.95

KandyPens Oura vaporizer

The KandyPens Oura is one of the most stylish and well performing electric dab rigs on the market today. A supersized 3000mAh battery creates huge vapor clouds from four preset temperatures to deliver dense vapor. Two different included atomizers help tailor your experience; the quartz atomizer is geared for those who want throat-feel draws, while the ceramic bowl insert does a good job of providing some flavor of your material. The glass bulb attachment of the Oura is shaped to help "store" up your vapor during your draw, making it sippable or able to be unleashed all at once thanks to the low draw resistance. KandyPens made the Oura's attachment out of borosilicate glass, while the body is constructed from a zinc-alloy shell, making the Oura able to withstand everyday drops and tumbles. 

Hyer Big-E - $299.00

  Hyer Big-E Enail

One of the more futuristic looking electric dab rigs out today, the Hyer Big-E helps eliminate torches from your life. The Hyer Big-E turns your glass water pipe into a torchless dab rig and is equipped with an adjustable clamping mechanism that makes it compatible with around 90% of all flat base water pipes (comically large water pipes aside). To achieve consistent dabs with every session, the Big-E features a precision temperature control that can be set to the exact degree, it should be noted the Big-E is tailored for low-temp dabbing. With full control of the temperature you will be able to dial in the perfect setting for any concentrate. It also doesn’t require a plug while using, so you can easily pass the Big-E around a party if the situation calls for it.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer - $299.99

Puffco Peak vaporizer

The Puffco Peak is the pioneer of the "smart e rig" revolution currently underway. The Peak vaporizer provides consistent heating of your concentrate by way of intelligent heat calibration which keeps your sessions constant. A removable high-grade ceramic bowl extracts the flavor of your material while still producing thick vapor. Since the ceramic bowl is removable, cleaning and maintaining your Peak is easy. Puffco gave the Peak four temperatures: 450F, 500F, 550F, and 600F to allow for the full exploration of wax concentrates. It takes around just 20 seconds for the Peak to reach temperature, and once met a vibrant light band and haptic feedback will let you know you're good to go.

Best Of the Rest For 710 Savings

Here at we didn’t forget about the dry herb users during 710 Sale Week, the promo code 710SALE works on all accessories this week. From papers to cleaning kits there is no shortage of products to save on this week. We’ve got a few items we like below, let us know your favorite non-dab related products in the comments!

Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit - $35.00

 Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

It doesn't matter if you're a concentrate-centric or dry herb die-hard, you probably need to clean your devices or glass sometimes. The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit contains everything to make spot and deep cleans easy. With 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, large Salt Rox, modified pipe cleaners to get to hard to reach spots, and Resin Rags help clean up...the clean up. Make sure your next cleaning session is a comprehensive one with the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit. 

Vibes Rolling Papers Cones - $4.50 

Vibes Rolling Papers cones

Available in Hemp, Rice, or Ultra Thin options the Vibes Cones make a perfect pre-grill dry herb cone. While each type of Vibes features thin paper, the Ultra Thin option provides a quicker burning experience than the Rice or Hemp, for those that might want a larger smoke presence. Hemp Vibes will burn the slow and even for a smooth session, while the Rice Vibes burn the *slowest* of all varieties if you want to elongate your hang. 

Crafty+ - $279.00

Crafty+ Vaporizer

Oh you thought we forgot about dry herb vaporizers? Think again. Coming from the legends at Storz & Bickel the Crafty+ vaporizer is the improved version of the the iconic Crafty that delivers more sessions and a faster heat-up time, plus a slimmer body for a more on-the-go friendly design. The Crafty+ is a powerful portable convection vaporizer with strong and smooth vapor. Its performance is similar to the Plenty but it's more compact and powerful than its predecessor, making it easier to carry around.

Have a Great 710 Sale

Hopefully we’ve highlighted something fun for you to try during our 710 Sale, remember that you can save from 7/6 to 7/14 using promo code 710SALE at checkout. Stay safe and post a comment with your favorite new purchase!