AirVape OM Vaporizer Review [Expert Opinion]

AirVape OM Vaporizer Review [Expert Opinion]

If you want to enjoy waxy oils outdoors without drawing attention to your session, check this one out, as we’re giving you an exclusive look at it.

The AirVape OM vaporizer is a super compact wax and oil unit, a key chain vape fitted with dual quartz rods and oil tank compatibility. AirVape Om is tiny enough to hide in your grip, but still vaporizes waxes and oils quite efficiently. In fact, AirVape OM is pushing the limits of what’s possible with smaller portable vapes, boasting temp control, quartz crystal technology, and benchmark compactness.

Is the AirVape OM's stealthy size matched by great usability?

Absolutely. From the click-based single-button control down to the magnetically attached atomizer, the AirVape OM vaporizer is incredibly easy-to-use. It’s no hassle to load AirVape OM and take a quick hit on the fly. And the controls are intuitive.

Do those easy controls also amount to decent vapor?

Absolutely. While AirVape OM doesn’t boast the same elite level vapor production as larger, more powerful wax pens, it’s by far one of the best vapes within its size class and price range.


The OM is smaller than the average index finger, making it one of the most discreet and compact vaporizers we’ve seen. At just under 3 ¾ inches, it’s easy to conceal in your hand. It fits nicely on your keychain, comparable to a mini keychain flashlight in terms of size and weight. No bulkiness or clanking.

So is this little guy tough enough to survive vaping in the streets?

Again, absolutely. Built sturdily with anodized metal, AirVape OM won’t break if dropped. The glass mouthpiece might, but it’s so worth the risk since the glass is inert and won’t rub off on flavor like metal or plastic might. Overall, the AirVape OM feels solid in your grip. The clicker button isn’t sticky or loose, and feels like a really well-built ink pen when you click it.

AirVape OM has an elegant look. The bottom portion of the vaporizer has a faux-wooden grip that gives it the appeal of a well-made hunting knife that beckons you to pick it up. 

The AirVape OM vaporizer looks and feels sturdy, while boasting one of the most compact designs in the vape industry today. In other words, it’s perfect for street vaping. 

Vapor Production

The AirVape OM vape is a unicorn in this department. Smaller vapes generally don’t deliver the same level of vapor quality as larger ones. But AirVape OM features a double quartz rod atomizer and a partially glass vapor path with a filtering screen that performs on a par with bigger wax pens.

The hits are milky and tasty. That’s thanks to the inert nature of the quartz crystal, which heats waxy oils without rubbing off on the flavor. On the lower temperature, expect small, intensely flavored hits. Turn up the heat for bigger clouds.You can also vape using 510-threaded oil tanks. The atomizer simply screws off leaving a connection for oil tanks. AirVape Om does a great job of vaping oil, much cleaner-tasting and milkier than a cheap rip-and-ditch vape.

Loading and Cleaning

It’s fairly easy to load and clean the wax atomizer. The second piece of the AirVape OM is in part a threaded metal shell that covers the whole heating chamber. You need to unscrew this and pull it off to get to the atomizer. The atomizer is magnetically attached, so it just snaps off and on when you need to load or clean the chamber.One issue we found with the AirVape OM vaporizer was the small size of the atomizer, which makes it a little more difficult to clean than larger atomizers. You can definitely swab the coils, but getting behind them is nearly impossible. A 30-second burn-off after each session should help prevent build up behind the coils.

If you like longer sessions with fewer reloads, you probably want a larger vaporizer.

The glass mouthpiece is the perfect size for fitting in a q tip, making it easy to clean. We recommend dipping a q tip in isopropyl alcohol then wiping it down. Make sure everything dries out before you reattach and use.


The AirVape OM boils its controls down to a simple clicker button that doubles as the connection point for the keychain ring. This button controls power, temperature, and heating. It’s a bit like clicking a pen, but way more solidly built.

Five clicks turns on the AirVape OM vaporizer. A glass ring around the bottom of the vape will blink red three times when turned on or off. Clicking twice will toggle between the three temperatures, which are color coded (blue, red, white).Once you’ve chosen a temperature, simply hold down the button and the AirVape OM vape will heat up in just about 10 seconds--fast! This is ideal for vaping on-the-go, whether you're on a short vape break, a drive, or walking about town. 

Is AirVape OM for you?

AirVape OM is super stealthy and delivers great vapor. This vape is meant for waxy oil enthusiasts who find themselves on their feet more than at home. It’s also for those who don’t want to fiddle with controls, as you simply load the unit and press the button a few times in order to get vaping. On top of all that, AirVape OM suits those who want excellent vapor from a really compact vape--a tall order to fill. But the OM vaporizer fills it. AirVape OM fulfills all these standards by transcending the limitations of the average compact vape.


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