AirVape X Vaporizer Review [In-Depth Look]

AirVape X Vaporizer Review [In-Depth Look]

If the impressive AirVape Xs wasn’t enough, its new big brother, the AirVape X, gives us even more to love.

A magnetic mouthpiece for easy loading, a larger ceramic chamber, and wax concentrate compatibility are welcome upgrades, making it even easier, enjoyable, and, yes, fun to vape dry herb on-the-go.

The AirVape X looks and feels just as sleek and compact as its predecessor, but it’s simpler, more convenient, and powerful than what came before.

The hits are smooth and flavorful, the user experience is seamless, and the design is very pocket-friendly, making it one of the slimmest, most powerful portable vaporizers under $200.

Notable Features

Magnetic Mouthpiece - The chamber lid pops off and snaps back on in a crisp fashion. No unscrewing necessary.

Larger Herb Chamber - AirVape X features a 25% larger chamber for longer sessions, fewer reloads, easier cleaning.

Wax Compatibility - Dab some wax or drip some oil onto the included wax concentrate pad then insert it into the chamber.

Precision Temperature Control - Choose any degree between 200F to 428F.

Haptic Feedback - Vibrates to notify you when vaping temp is reached and more--just like the iPhone

Fully Ceramic Vapor Path - From air path to chamber to mouthpiece, high grade ceramic preserves flavor.

Hybrid Heating - A combo of conduction and convection.  


AirVape X has a simple interface. A power button with an “up” button on the left and “down” button on the right. The arrow buttons control temperature, auto shut-off time, and switching between fahrenheit and celsius.

To get started, charge the AirVape X using the included USB cable. Make sure the USB logo is facing up, otherwise you may damage the port.

Once you’ve charged for about an hour, it’s time to load up the ceramic herb chamber with finely ground dry herb. Just snap off the magnetic chamber lid to reveal the chamber. Once you’ve loaded it, tamping down the top is recommended for the best vapor production.

To turn the unit on, click the power button three times. To toggle temperature, click the up or down arrow or hold them down to scroll faster. The clear and bright LED screen will display your temperature changes. When you’ve arrived at the temp you want, just stop clicking and wait for the AirVape X to vibrate, letting you know temperature has been reached.

To preserve battery power and keep the unit from getting warm in your pocket, an adjustable auto shut-off timer powers off the AirVape X after a certain amount of time.

The usability is easy to figure out and the process of loading, choosing a temp, and vaping is fast and seamless.

Vapor Production

AirVape X has a ceramic chamber which promotes even vaporization and great flavor. Sure enough, the hits are tasty, especially on the lower temperatures. A fully loaded bowl will last about ten minutes.

A screen system in the mouthpiece filters vapor, giving it time to cool off before you inhale. Hits are cooler and smoother compared to most portable vaporizers. It’s comforting to know the designers went the extra mile to ensure better vapor quality with this little addition.

The vapor is quite impressive. For such a small unit, AirVape X produces surprisingly smooth and delicious hits. Draw resistance is low, so it’s easier to inhale. Lower temps produce smoother rips. 380F and higher makes big clouds at the expense of a bit of that smoothness.

For the best hits, we recommend grinding herb finely and packing it tightly. You want the herb to be flush with the brim of the chamber, so it’s ok to over pack it then tamp the herb down.


If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then AirVape X is quite the work of art.

The exterior is sleek aluminum, which gives it a solid but lightweight feel. The LED screen is reflective like a mirror, giving it a modern look. And the dimensions are perfect for on-the-go vaping. Just small enough for comfort and stealthiness, just large enough to harbor a strong convection/conduction heating system.

While the overall look is simple, a row of vents in the upper body shaped like AirVape’s propellor-like logo adds an artistic touch.

The magnetic chamber lid is an outstanding feature that isn’t found in the previous AirVape. The mouthpiece attaches to the lid via a rubber grommet-like piece that fits into a hole in the center of the plate. Removing or inserting the mouthpiece into the rubber connector can be a little challenging, but for the most part the magnetic lid is an excellent addition that makes accessing the chamber much, much easier.


AirVape X features an internal non-replaceable battery that is a bit weaker than larger vapes. A slightly lesser capacity was used in order to achieve the slim, small size, a reasonable trade off for anyone who likes portability.

The average battery life gives you around an hour of continuous vaping. But battery life will depend upon how high the temperature is and how much time is left between sessions, since heating a cold chamber takes more battery power.

One upside to a smaller battery is shorter charge time. The AirVape X charges up in about an hour and twenty minutes. It also features pass-through charging so you can vape while you charge. You can charge conveniently via USB from your computer, car, or wall outlet, using an adapter where necessary.

Expect about three to four bowls for every fully charged battery.


This is one of the more discreet portable vaporizers under $200. It's wallet-thin, making it easy to conceal in your hand during use. The lightweight aluminum makes it very hassle-free to carry around. And the rapid heat up enables you to take quick hits on-the-fly, which adds a certain level of stealth. 

For those curious, the actual dimensions are roughly 5 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and half an inch in girth. That makes it one of the more pocket-friendly portable dry herb vaporizers to come out. It's more compact than Firefly 2 and Crafty, and lighter than DaVinci IQ, but it still has great vapor production. You get stealth and quality. 

Final Thoughts 

At under $179 AirVape X has many of the features found in much pricier vapes. If you're looking for precision temp, convection heating, and nifty features like haptic feedback and adjustable auto-shut-off, you're not going to find them in most vapes within this price range. 

The level of improvement in this version is truly impressive. It's easier to use with the magnetic lid, more accommodating with the wax insert and larger chamber, and even sleeker with the new mouthpiece. Its predecessor was an already impressive portable vaporizer, which says a lot about the AirVape X.

You get a convenient vaping experience, great vapor, and that good feeling that comes along with using a device that was designed for your enjoyment, all in one very pocket-friendly vaporizer. 

Tips and Tricks 

  • Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius by holding down the power button and pressing the “down” arrow button for a few seconds.

  • Adjust auto turn off time by holding down the power button and “up” button for a few seconds..

  • Clean out the herb chamber using the included brush after each session to maintain the best airflow and vapor production.