AirVape Xs GO Review

AirVape Xs GO Review

The AirVape Xs GO Review: Small Size, Wide Temperature Range

Apollo has released one of the more versatile dry herb vaporizers of recent memory. The palm-friendly Xs GO features a ceramic oven and an 800mAh battery that delivers 5 temperatures to enhance your dry herb sessions. With a friendly price tag ($50 cheaper than it’s big brother, the AirVape Xs), and single-button operation, the AirVape Xs GO is a fantastic beginner dry herb vaporizer.


Heating System and Ceramic Chamber

Apollo wanted to give users the best of both worlds when it came to conduction and convection heating. The Xs GO utilizes a hybrid heating system; the oval-shaped oven heats your dry herb directly, while a compartment underneath the ceramic oven fills with hot air to evenly heat your material. The oval-shaped chamber ensures the hot walls of the oven make more contact with your dry herb for better heating. This portable unit is a little friendlier to those wanting to experience the flavor of their material, as opposed to those wanting large cloud production.

5 preset temperatures will dictate your sessions: 355 °F, 375 °F, 390 °F, 405 °F, and 420 °F. Users wanting more flavor notes will be at home in the lower two temperatures, while those needing ample vapor should gravitate towards the higher options. A bright LED meter displays your temperature and current battery life.

One button controls the functions of this vaporizer; three clicks will power the unit on, and holding down the button will cycle through temperatures. 

Upgraded, Ergonomic Design

Breaking from the usual Apollo designs, the Xs GO features a more ergonomic, palm-sized construction. Only 1-inch wide, and just 4” long, the Xs GO is completely concealable in your hand during use. The 2-ounce weight adds to its portability, making it fantastic for festivals or camping trips.

While some vaporizers this small have issues being too hot to the touch, the Xs GO is made from ABS plastic. This style of plastic is heat-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about having to take breaks during sessions to cool your hands down.

The mouthpiece is magnetically attached for easy removal during loading and cleaning of the chamber. As a whole, the AirVape Xs GO is stylishly minimalistic, yet still highly functional. Commuters, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who has an “on-the-go” lifestyle will appreciate this dry herb vaporizer’s functionality.

800mAh Battery

Due to the compact size and added portability, the AirVape Xs GO has a smaller battery output than the original Xs vaporizer. The 800mAh battery has a shorter life than the Xs, but charges in just 45 minutes. Using a standard micro-USB cable, the pass-through charging ability allows you to vape while charging.

Final Thoughts

The AirVape Xs GO is one of the best beginner-to-intermediate vaporizers we’ve come across. There is enough temperature flexibility to satisfy more nuance-needy users, and the simplistic design and operation are wonderful for those just getting into vaping. The only real downside is the battery life, but if you make sure you’re fully charged before heading out, you shouldn’t ever run into a dead vape situation.

If you think we missed anything let us know in the comments, and if you're so inclined snag an AirVape Xs GO here, and watch the unboxing video below!