April Vape Spotlight

April Vape Spotlight

Here at vapor.com we are very excited for the start of our favorite month, Vape-ril. This month we’ve got a killer sale happening from 4/9 all the way to 4/21, with 20% off the whole site. Check out the new products we’ve got on deck, and a sneak peak of what’s to come!

 Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe ($159.99)


Looking like it came straight out of a chemistry lab, the Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe is here to take your smoking to new heights. Made in the USA from medical-grade borosilicate glass, this beaker will have you feeling like the chillest mad scientist ever as you take satisfying pulls in between lab experiments.

Featuring a sealed airpath that optimizes airflow and a 6” long diffused downstem, the Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe ensures your rips will be silky smooth every time. Included with this piece is Higher Standards custom ice tray, which will mold a perfectly sized cube for the perfectly wide tube.

KandyPens MIVA 2 ($199.95) 


After KandyPens knocked it out of the park with the original MIVA, those overachievers went back to the drawing board. Out they came with the vastly improved, more powerful MIVA 2. Unlike the last model, the MIVA 2 can vaporize both herb and concentrates with its included concentrate insert. So whatever you feel like consuming that day can be done without switching devices. The MIVA 2 is 20% OFF FROM 4/9-4/22.


Beneath the slick design, the MIVA 2 is also an intelligent vaporizer. Through Smart Memory technology, the MIVA 2 remembers the last temperature setting you vaped with. So, once you’ve found your vaping sweet spot, you won’t ever have to remember to set your temp again. Equipped with both conduction and convection heating, the MIVA 2 boosts your vapor production. Featuring a borosilicate mouthpiece, your flavor-filled hits will be cooled before you inhale. The MIVA 2 is so reliable, you could probably get away with listing it as your emergency contact at work.

Higher Standards Rig Kit ($179.99)

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig is handmade in the USA using borosilicate glass.

Oh you thought Higher Standards only had an amazing beaker water pipe to offer this month? Shame on you. Higher Standards never slacks when it comes to quality, or smoking options. For the concentrate-centric consumer comes the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig Kit, a sleek dab rig with a quartz banger and a diffused downstem that will let you get the most out of your concentrates.

By utilizing a quartz banger, Higher Standards put the flavor of your wax concentrates in good hands. As quartz is more durable than glass, you can have peace of mind should you fumble with your rig. Boasting a sealed airpath and compact chamber, the Higher Standards Rig Kit doesn’t give vapor any time to lose potency or flavor as it travels to your lungs. The clean, clear look of this, or the Higher Standards Beaker is easily maintained using Higher Standards ISO Pure and Salt Rox cleaning supplies.

Dr. Dabber Aurora AHOL Edition ($109.95)


There are few things more enjoyable when vaping your favorite wax than great art work. If you can’t make it to an art museum, Dr. Dabber throws you an assist by way of their Aurora AHOL Edition. After their original Aurora, Dr. Dabber thought “why not make it look as good as it performs?” and partnered up with Florida-based graffiti artist AHOL Sniffs Glue to put out an eye-catching edition of their Aurora vape pen.

Dr. Dabber didn’t just have AHOL design the outside of the vape pen, this unit also comes with AHOL-designed lapel pin, honey mat, wax container, and loading tool. Aside from looking great, the Aurora offers the same peak performance you’ve come to expect from Dr. Dabber, with 3 different premium atomizers included in this package: a quartz one for tasty rips, a dual ceramic rod atomizer for low temp dabbing, and the ceramic halo which lets you vape with thicker oils. Artsy and industrial? Man, what a vape.

MiniMax Pro ($39.99)


We’ve all been there before: you’re on a highly classified recon mission in the Andes and you need to take a quick vape pull to chill out and get the job done but your current setup is too conspicuous. Okay, maybe you haven’t been in this exact situation, but you for sure have wanted to vape at what some might think is an “inappropriate” time. Thankfully for the stealth minded vape heads out there, Honey Stick brings you the MiniMax PRO Vaporizer.

The MiniMax Pro is one of the few keychain fob vaporizers to feature variable voltages, which lets you customize your cloud creation. Its single button design is easy to use and the 510 threading means you can explore tons of different 510 oil cartridges to have a different vaping experience whenever, and wherever, you desire.

Yocan NYX Atomizer ($19.99)


Sporting a smooth, modern design the Yocan NYX is here to give you flavorful hits and a customizable airflow experience. Compatible with standard 510-threaded devices, the NYX coil ensures that your waxy oils won’t lose any flavor properties. With a built-in airflow button, the NYX Atomizer gives you masterful control over your draw resistance, giving you a consistent pull once you’ve found your desired setting or the option of cloud chasing should the mood strike you.

The NYX’s construction was solely designed to ensure full flavor transfer for the user. By using quartz heating rods, the NYX atomizer accomplishes two great things: it heats up quickly and holds onto flavors well. This atomizer will give you hard hits in a very short amount of time. Yocan took an extra step with the NYX to make sure the user gets the purest vape experience possible by making the coils on this atomizer glue-free. You can be sure you’ll never have an impure vapor experience.


Here’s what’s coming down the pipe from vapor.com in the next few weeks, make sure to keep your eye on when these become available as they’ll go quick!

Boundless Tera ($219.99)


The minimalist design of the Boundless Tera might fool you into thinking this is a simple vape, but make no mistake about it, the Tera can do everything you need it to and more. Powerful (it houses TWO 18650 batteries) and compact the Tera won’t ever leave you wanting more. With features like an advanced water pipe adapter, the Tera does its best to replace whatever setup you were using before your life was changed by this vape.

Most vaporizers have one heating method. Boundless must have taken offense to this as the Tera sports convection heating that works in conjunction with an aluminum heat sink chamber that passively adds some conduction into your mix. This will aid in fully extracting everything from your herbs or concentrate with no stirring. With haptic (vibration) feedback, setting your vape temp has never felt more like a “sure thing”, and the LED display is on the top of the unit, as opposed to being in a spot that obscures your view. The Tera is here to do everything you need it to do on-the-go.

Hyer Big-E ($299.00)


Say it with me: NO MORE TORCHES, NO MORE TORCHES! Hyer’s Big-E rig converts your glass water pipe into a torchless dab rig, eliminating one of the more annoying parts of dabbing, the maniacal torch system. The Big-E has an adjustable clamping mechanism that makes it compatible with 90% of all flat base water pipes. It also doesn’t require a plug while using so you can easily pass it around a party if the occasion calls for it.

While torches cause combustion, which introduces harmful particles into your dabs (and makes some people feel hella sketchy) the Hyer Big-E utilizes an all-ceramic heating element that vaporizes wax in a combustion-less manner. Whatever temperature you enjoy vaping at will only take 90 seconds to get to, be it the lowest setting of 320° or a scorching 825° (which can be used to burn off excess mess when cleaning), so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your new torch-less lifestyle.