Arizer Vaporizers Rundown

Arizer Vaporizers Rundown

Arizer is a Canadian company that takes a no-frills approach to making world class vaporizers. Arizer’s slogan is “Better by Design” and they live by that mantra with each product they produce. The premium materials used to make their products, and the refusal to manufacture outside of their homeland, speak volumes to their commitment to excellence. Arizer does an amazing job assuring quality in every model and unit; their vaporizers are coveted for their durability and performance, and should be an essential tool in your arsenal.


Arizer’s entrance into the market came with the invention of the V-Tower. The V-Tower is a direct draw and simple-to-use vaporizer that produces high-quality vapor. Engineered with a ceramic heating element and a glass filling chamber, this device delivers vapor that is flavorful and thick. All of the V-Tower’s functions can be performed through an easy-to-read, bright digital display. Designed to have 360-degree swivel whip action, the V-Tower has fully adjustable temperature that can be set in 1-degree increments.



Arizer followed up the V-Tower with the legendary Extreme Q. Arizer married the idea of the balloon fill (forced air) vaporizer with a whip-style (direct draw) to create the multifunctional, feature-rich Extreme Q desktop vaporizer. Essentially, it’s the RoboCop of the Arizer product line, taking an original design and fortifying it with the best technology available!

The Extreme Q gives the user complete control via a remote control; you can turn the unit on/off, set the temperature, and fully customize your session. Designed with an easy-to-read bright LED digital display, the Extreme Q has a 360-degree swivel whip action and fully adjustable temperature that can be set in 1-degree increments.




The Arizer Solo has become as recognizable in the vaping community as the Bat Signal is to comic book aficionados. Loved for its power and reliability, the Solo is known for being incredibly durable and for producing a distinct vapor quality that is both potent and vibrant. Producing both conduction and convection heating via the union of a glass tube and ceramic heating, the Solo delivers superior sessions.

Designed with seven heating levels, the Solo assures that you can activate certain components of your botanicals while leaving others untouched. The stainless steel body and glass mouthpiece deliver clean, flavorful vapor with every draw. Whether you are at home or on-the-go, the Solo’s battery life will keep you ripping for a long time thanks to a whopping two hours of continuous run time when the unit is fully charged.




The Arizer Air was the Canadian manufacturers answer to those that wanted all of the perks of the Solo, but in a ultra-compact design. The Air utilizes removable 18650 lithium-ion batteries, giving the unit a solid hour of run-time on a single charge. Featuring a high-quality ceramic heating element and glass stems, the Air is incredibly powerful and portable. The combined convection/conduction heating produces thick, delicious vapor.

The Air provides pass-through charging, meaning the user has the ability to use the device while charging. A huge perk of the Air is that the exterior doesn’t get hot! The Air is so small in stature that you’d think the unit would get hot, but unlike other cylindrical-style vaporizers, it stays cool to the touch, even during long sessions.



Arizer has created taken the original Solo and packed it with features to create the next generation, Solo II. The Solo II is a powerhouse packed with technology; it offers one of the fastest heat-up times: 28 seconds to a max temp of 428°F (24 seconds on 390°F). At the center of this unit, you will find built-in dual 18650 batteries that yield an impressive three hours of use - get up to 20 sessions before needing to recharge! Pass-through charging allows you to use the Solo II while charging.

Just like its predecessor, the Solo II has ceramic and stainless steel heating elements that deliver pure vapor and a glass vapor path that provides maximum flavor transfer. The biggest difference between the Solo and Solo II is that the latter gives the user full control over the session via a digital display navigation. The digital display shows current temperature and battery level while controlling all other session parameters (start-up timer, shut-off timer, screen brightness, beep volume, °C /°F display).

The ergonomic oval shape is designed to fit comfortably in the hands. In addition to having a sleeker body than the original, the Solo II has open airflow system—these recessed heat jets in the bowl allow for more airflow and easier pulls. The heater is fortified, meaning the Solo II can stand up to the strongest inhales while delivering constant heat. Perfect for home use or on-the-go sessions, the Solo II is both sturdy and durable.