To Bag or Whip, That is the Question

To Bag or Whip, That is the Question

Not unlike the difference between a laptop and desktop computer, a portable vape may be easy to travel with, but it lacks the power and efficiency of a desktop vaporizer. Whether you’ve decided to look into desktop vaporizer units because portable vaporizers just aren’t doing it for you or you simply don’t require the qualities of smaller mobile vapes, you still have one final decision to contemplate:

Do you want to inhale your tasty vapors through a balloon bag or a whip?

Ultimately, the differences between balloon bag vaporizers and whip style vaporzers are minor in comparison to their similarities. Whips and balloon bags will both net you delectable, smooth vapor rich in the beneficial properties of marijuana without the harmful byproducts of outmoded combustion.  Considering neither is objectively better than the other, your selection will come down to personal preference.

Vaporizer BalloonBalloon Bags are compact, surprisingly durable, and easily stored just about anywhere when not full of vapor. Additionally, most balloon bags are disposable and uncomplicated to replace. Almost all balloon bags come with a valve of some sort that connects to the mouth-end and allows for casual, soft yet powerful puffs without any wasted vapor.

Whips are small and stylish, often glass pieces that connect with the vaporizer unit through elastic plastic tubing. Typically they come with a screen for added diffusion of the vapor and permit the user to draw on the Whipvaporizer at whichever rate and intensity they desire to inhale opulent hits.

If you determine that a balloon bag is your preferred method of vapor delivery, it’s important to understand that they are traditionally designed to be tossed away and replaced after a few dozen uses, although some vapers will stretch their utility beyond that. Marijuana resin will progressively accumulate inside the balloon bag (even if you can’t hardly see it) and will drastically alter the taste and overall vaping experience. In defiance of the disposable balloon bags are specialized ones constructed to be cleaned and reused for much longer periods of time.

If you go the whip route, the cleaning and maintenance is a bit more extensive since it is designed to last indefinitely. Since the whip is glass and is connected to the vaporizer through plastic tubing, prolonged use will cause the two parts to create a strong bond with one another. To separate them it is recommended to cautiously use a pair of scissors to cut the tubing away from the whip. Then, use a pipe cleaner soaked in isopropyl alcohol to scrap resin and particle buildup from the glass whip.  If applicable, remove and cleanse any included screens with a brisk soak in an isopropyl alcohol solution.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Vaporizers : Vaporizers Desktop Storz & Bickel

Hands down, one of the best balloon bag vaporizer on the market right now is the Volcano Hybrid VaporizerThis Storz & Bickel is an innovative device. It offers dual-inhalation options, allowing users to enjoy vapor through a balloon bag or whip delivery. Its hybrid inhalation system combines the best of both worlds, while convection heating ensures efficient flavor extraction without combustion. The accompanying app provides convenient session control. 

Another fantastic balloon bag vaporizer that also doubles as a whip vape is the Arizer Extreme-Q. The Arizer Extreme-Q heats herb through a conventional ceramic heater and includes a useful remote for hands free control.


Regardless of whether you select a balloon bag or a whip desktop vaporizer, you will assuredly find that there are tons of options available, each with their own particular set of unique benefits.  One will undoubtedly whisper your name in a cloud of enticing vapor.