Bouquet CBD Roll On Rub and Social CBD Cooling Roll On CBD Gel floating in the clouds

Finding the Best CBD Roll-On Product

As CBD continues to grow in popularity more convenient ways of administering the substance pop up, one of the best and easiest ways to experience CBD is with "CBD roll-on" products.  We're going to dive into what makes these products so great and highlight the best CBD roll-on products we've come across. With so many options for CBD use available it can be hard to find one that fits your routine, the beauty of CBD roll on products is that they are compact, travel-ready, and easy to apply to specific areas. When shopping for a CBD roll-on it is crucial to make sure you're getting a product that has lab results readily available so you know just what you're putting into your body. 

Let's dive into what makes the best CBD roll-on products great and learn more about this new "rising star" of the CBD world. 

What IS a CBD Roll-On? 

A CBD roll on is designed to be used on specific areas, the small nature of these roll-ons helps target these areas and ensure you get the care you need. CBD roll-ons are usually a small tube containing CBD and other ingredients that sometimes add different aromas to your experience and help keep the material intact. A roller-ball is used to help release the liquid/material when it comes in contact with your skin, think of it just like roll-on deodorant but smaller, and possibly more helpful depending on your situation. 

Those "other ingredients" mentioned are usually hemp seed or coconut oil, both of which are gentle for skin; lavender and peppermint are common ingredients in CBD roll on gels as well as other herbs known to deliver warming sensations. The best CBD roll on products will have this information readily available to you, so you know exactly what you're dealing with when it comes to your routine. 

Our Picks for the Best CBD Roll-On Products

We've got two top-of-the-line CBD brands represented in our picks and when you're shopping for the best CBD roll on products you should go with a brand you trust to provide accurate test results. Usually the longer a brand has been in the game the better. Without further ado here are our picks for the best CBD roll on products!

Social CBD Cooling Roll-On Gel - $34.99

Social CBD Cooling Roll-On Gel

Social CBD is one of the top CBD brands on the market today, they offer top tier CBD that is third-party lab tested to ensure quality with each offering. The Social CBD Cooling Roll-On Gel uses Tea Tree oil, Arnica, and Peppermint to deliver a refreshing icy feel once applied and there are no artificial fragrances or colors present. The fast-drying nature of this CBD roll-on ensures a "no mess" experience, it is also travel ready and TSA compliant. Each roll-on gel contains 300mg of CBD.

Bouquet CBD Roll On Rub 150MG - $29.99

Bouquet CBD Roll On Rub 150mg


The other entry into our Best CBD Roll On set is from Bouquet CBD. Bouquet CBD utilizes full-spectrum CBD in their products that is lab-tested from facilities that are federally compliant under the 2014 Farm Bill to ensure the highest quality CBD products. Bouquet CBD's Roll-On Gel contains 150mg of CBD per 3 ounce bottle and is travel ready. The formula provides an instant cooling sensation, and contains all-natural ingredients. 

How To Use a CBD Roll-On

The easiest way to describe how to use a CBD roll on is, well, "roll it on." While it might seem simple, there are a few tips when using a CBD roll on to get the most out of your product and ensure you get the right kind of help you need. 

Use the Right Amount of CBD 

If you read the above statement and said "DUH" out loud, I don't blame you BUT is can be hard to figure out just how much CBD you need to use. Conventional wisdom says to start with a small amount, wait a bit, and then assess if you feel the needed effects for your CBD roll-on. Gradually ramp up the amount of CBD you use until you find the right amount for your situation. CBD roll-ons are easy to budget as you can just count how many "up and downs" you do with the roller on the affected area. 

Keep Your CBD Roll-On Clean

If you've ever lost the top to a Chapstick, you know how dirty gel-like substances can get. Keeping your CBD roll-on clean helps deliver the right amount of CBD each time you apply and lowers the risk of anything "else" getting into your product. Before you apply the CBD roll-on it's also recommended to clean the area you'll be in contact with, a simple wipe with soap and water is good enough to make sure nothing gums up your CBD roll-on.  

Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Roll-On Products

Hopefully you've found some good info on shopping for the best CBD roll-on products, there are a lot of options out there so be sure to be a conscious consumer and look at a few products before making your decision. The best CBD roll on products will have readily available lab results and ample information about the product to help you be safe when using. 

If you've got any more tips on finding or using CBD roll-ons drop a comment below!