Is Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter the Best Concentrate Tool?

Is Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter the Best Concentrate Tool?

Picture if you will a seemingly normal session: you and your friends just got back from your corner store, Orangina and Pocky in hand, ready to enjoy some wonderful concentrate consumption on your afternoon off. You present your rig and fire up your torch, the nail is heated and ready to vaporize your concentrate. Suddenly, disaster strikes: your concentrate tool can’t handle your wax’s consistency and you’re forced to use your hands to break it up, resulting in what is known in the medical community as “sticky hands of death”. No scrubbing can help you, AND you’ve wasted your own concentrates. You’re left thinking, where did I go wrong? What has become of my life? Well, these existential crises could have been easily avoided had you invested just a little bit extra cash in your concentrate tool and picked up a Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter.

By being the only heated concentrate tool on the market the Budder Cutter has made organizing and parceling out your wax easier than ever. Dr. Dabber knows that no two concentrates are the same, so they supplied the Budder Cutter with 7 interchangeable tips making this the epitome of a “do-it-all” dab tool, as it can also be used to load your concentrate into your rig or vape of choice. With a low temp calibrated heat source you won’t ever run the risk of accidentally vaporizing your wax while trying to slice up the perfect size rip. Powering the Budder Cutter is Dr. Dabber’s award winning Ghost Battery, so you can slice and dice your dabs for hours for function or to just work on your concentrate centric sculptures (I’m not sure if people actually do this, but it's a possibility now.)

How To Use The Budder Cutter

Once your Budder Cutter has arrived, you can get to perfectly parceling out your concentrates almost immediately. Dr. Dabber provides you with 7 different tool head options, so even if your concentrate is packaged in a felt cube container, you’ll be able to get whatever size of dab you’d like. From having 2 “spatula” style tips, to a two-pronged option you have 100% control of how much wax you want to use that session, allowing you to conserve wax and tailor the intensity of your session. Think of the tip as drill bits: each one fulfills a certain purpose depending on the job at hand.

After you’ve fully charged your futuristic concentrate tool, pick whichever tip you think will help divide and conquer your concentrate the best and screw it onto the top of the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter. Once you’ve chosen your tip, press the lone button to heat up the tool. The tool is calibrated so the battery heats it juuuust enough to make your concentrate pliable, but not too hot that you might run the risk of turning your session into a weird high-tech knife hit situation. Depending on which dab tool head you’ve attached, you then gently scoop or cut the concentrate to your exact liking.

Now that your personally sized, perhaps even tiny sculpted concentrate statue of yourself, is ready onto your dab tool you can use it to apply said dab directly onto your vape surface. From insider info, we’ve learned that some users found that letting the Budder Cutter cool down slightly before applying it to their wax made it easier to pick up concentrates that otherwise might be too dense to scoop. Users that are worried about the heat of the tool itself can take this step too, but to be clear, the battery used on the Budder Cutter is perfectly calibrated to heat the concentrate just to make it more malleable and not hot enough to become vaporized.

Ghost Battery

Powering the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is their award winning Ghost Battery. Thanks to the engineering minds at Dr. Dabber the Ghost Battery will last as long as you’ll need it to for your sessions; when utilized for vaporizers this battery lasts around 200-300 draws, so you’ll definitely be able to set your personal “dab session” best no problem. After a full charge you can figure to get a couple of days of regular use out of it before it dies. This concentrate tool also holds its charge for a long time too which is an added bonus, so if you fully charge your Budder Cutter you can pick it up and use it sparingly without having to worry about it losing it’s pent up energy just sitting there.

The consistency of the battery is of utmost importance for a concentrate tool like this. If the battery fluctuates in how much power it decides to put out and boots the heat of the nail, you’re left with a kind of “open air” vaporizing situation, wasting your concentrate before it can be placed onto your preferred dabbing surface. This should never happen with your Budder Cutter, but if any battery issue does arise, Dr. Dabber has a One Year warranty and will replace your battery no problem. Charging time for the Budder Cutter is about the same as a vaporizer, taking around 2 hours to fully recharge with the included USB adapter. By being 510 threaded this electric concentrate tool can be added to other 510 threaded batteries, but it is important to have a full knowledge of the battery you’ll be throwing it on, as a bad battery can affect the heated tip's performance.

Simplistic Innovation 

By adding a small innovation, Dr. Dabber has created an easy to use, concentrate-conserving dab tool that will make your concentrate centric life that much easier to live. The calibrated battery won’t burn your wax off during cutting or loading, and relieves you of the dreaded “container scrape” that can happen when you get a little low on your concentrate supply. With such a simple tweak (making it heated) to the classic dab tool, Dr. Dabber may have started a functionality trend. The size of the Budder Cutter is another plus for this unit, it can be packed into your purse or pocket just as easy as the vape pen you’ll be loading later in the day. With a $50 price point the Budder Cutter can fit into most any concentrate users budget and will probably end up being the MVP of your dab box setup, so why not treat yourself and prevent any more instances of “sticky hands of death”?