Best Dry Herb And Concentrate Storage Containers

Best Dry Herb And Concentrate Storage Containers

Sometimes the higher-powers-that-vape bless us with more material than we can finish in one session, and we have to save it. Properly storing your dry herb and concentrates will help you prolong their lifespan and prevent you from wasting usable material. It doesn’t matter if you have a boatload of dry herb, or just a little bit of concentrate, we’ve got the best storage containers available to preserve your material—so let’s dive in!

Best Dry Herb Storage Containers

Storing dry herb in the proper material and environment can go a long way to maintaining its freshness. If your dry herb is exposed to too much oxygen, the material will degrade and you will lose out on key compounds. While the “plastic bag” method of storage once ruled, that has been found to be detrimental to your material because the plastic has a static charge that can attract valuable compounds, while also possibly leaking chemicals onto your dry herb. It is important to keep light from hitting your dry herb as well, as this can cause it to dry out. We’re going to breakdown a few of our preferred storage units below that will help you keep your dry herb fresh.


Prepara Evak Container: $9.99 - $24.99

Available in a multitude of sizes that range from 6 fluid ounces of capacity all the way up to 24, Prepara Evak Containers are a fantastic option for storing dry herb. Each dry herb storage container is constructed of high-grade glass and the plastic used is BPA free. A twin valve system releases oxygen from the container as you push the lid down, helping remove old air and preserve your dry herb. The twin valve system is a marked improvement on the usual airtight seal system that traps stale air inside, as opposed to releasing it.

TightVac Container: $4.99 - $59.99

TightVac Containers are definitely in the “do it for the long haul” category of dry herb storage containers. These containers can keep your dry herb stored fresh for up to an entire year, so if you are an “always stocking up” kind of user, this should be your go-to container. TightVac equipped these containers with a “two-way valve” system that makes this elongated storage life possible; two valves slowly release gas buildup over time without letting in extra oxygen, thus better preserving your material for longer.

FreshStor CVault Container: $21.00 - $77.00

FreshStor did their best to develop an almost space-age dry herb storage container, and they’ve done a fantastic job at delivering a durable-yet-portable option. The CVault containers all feature a tri-latch system that ensures an airtight seal with each closure. Since the body of the CVault is made from stainless steel, no unwanted light is let in that could dry your material out. Included with each of the FreshStor CVault Containers is a Boveda® humidity pack that keeps your material at 62% relative humidity to provide ultimate freshness.

Best Concentrate Storage Containers

Concentrate users will be happy to know that when storing this material, it is actually easier to preserve the quality of concentrates compared to flowers. The same principles of keeping light, air, and moisture away from dry herb apply to storing concentrates too, but the actual method of storing them is markedly different. The ideal storage environment for concentrates is pretty consistent, no matter the type of concentrate; runny material, shatter, and crumble will all be stored in the same environment. Storage-container wise, more liquid-type concentrates will be better housed in a jar type receptacle, while those type of concentrates that arrive on parchment paper will be fine in a sealed bag. Let’s go through a couple of concentrate storage containers we have and breakdown what makes them great.

KandyPens Storage Ball


With one of the more “out there” shapes for a concentrate container, KandyPens developed the Storage Ball to be able to house any type of concentrate. The silicone used is 100% BPA free and heat resistant, so if you happen to be in a hot area, your material will not change with the weather. Non-stick silicone makes removing and loading your concentrate easy, and the shape of the storage container safeguards from any material being left behind in a corner.

Higher Standards Silicone Container: $10.00

For the “can’t decide what I want today” concentrate consumer, comes the Higher Standards Silicone Container. High-quality silicone, non-stick surfaces, and a stealthy design house an interior that features four separate concentrate compartments. Each compartment can hold an ample amount of material, and thanks to the non-stick surface, the transfer of concentrates from container to vaporizer is hassle-free. The triangle shape of the Higher Standards Silicone Container fits easily in most stash boxes or bags for easy travel.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t yet picked up a storage container for your dry herb or concentrate, you should do so quickly. Having the right storage container will allow you to safely store your material and not put pressure on you to use it up due to a lack of storage space. Let us know if you’ve found any DIY ways to store your material in the comments!