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Best Electric Concentrate Rigs

The future of enjoying concentrates has arrived, in the form of the electric dab rig, also know as "erigs". Gone are the days of wielding a torch while under the influence, as now you can have desktop vaporizer performance in the palm of your hand. While glass dab rigs have a place in the concentrate world, the technology associated with dabbing has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years, and electric dab rigs are closing in on the flavor saving and cloud producing capabilities of glass rigs. 

Already know what kind of rig you're looking for? Check out our full selection of erigs and see if we missed putting your favorite on the list. 


Dr. Dabber SWITCH 

Dr. Dabber SWITCH electric concentrate rig 

    Introducing the Dr. Dabber SWITCH Vaporizer

    Experience the revolutionary Dr. Dabber SWITCH vaporizer, a dual-function device designed for both dry herb and wax vaporization. This cutting-edge vaporizer utilizes induction heat technology, ensuring a faster and more uniform heating surface than traditional methods. 


    • Concentrate + Flower
    • 25 Temperature settings
    • self cleaning cycle
    • 3-10 Seconds heating up time
    • 1-2 hours to full charge
    • 2 year warranty
    One of the key features of the SWITCH is its ability to shield its electronic components from the vaporization process. This unique design makes the unit completely leak-proof. Plus, it's engineered to minimize oxygen during vaporization, preventing combustion and oxidation for a smoother and more pleasant vapor.
    For those who prioritize a clean vaporizer, the SWITCH features a self-cleaning mode. This high-energy heat cycle is designed to burn off any residue in the ceramic induction cups. 


      Puffco Peak Vaporizer 

      Puffco Peak electric dab rig



      • Smart Heat Calibration
      • Four Temperatures
      • Ceramic Bowl
      • Borosilicate Water Filter
      • Sesh Mode
      • LED Light Band
      • 30 Hits Per Full Charge
      • Rapid Heating
      • Wireless
      • Haptic Feedback

      The Puffco Peak is one of the smartest e-rigs we've got on this list. Consistent heating of your concentrate is achieved by way of intelligent heat calibration, keeping your experience constant. A removable high-grade ceramic bowl extracts the flavor of your material while still producing thick vapor. Since the ceramic bowl is removable, cleaning and maintaining your Peak is easy. Puffco gave the Peak four temperatures: 450F, 500F, 550F, and 600F to allow for the full exploration of wax concentrates. It takes around just 20 seconds for the Peak to reach temperature, and once met a vibrant light band and haptic feedback will let you know you're good to go. 

      G Pen Roam 

      G Pen Roam


      • Portable Concentrate Vaporizer
      • On-The-Go Water Filtration
      • Quartz Tank
      • Enclosed Glass Hydro Tube
      • 1300mAh Battery
      • 600°F-800°F Temperature Range

      The G Pen Roam is an amazing portable vaporizer that fits a water filtration system for the ultimate vaping experience while on the go. Although it’s not the first of its kind, it’s the best we’ve seen on the market. G Pen coined the water filtration system the “Hydro-Tube” which lets you enjoy water cooled vapor draws without any spillage, so it’s safe to put in your pocket or bag. Powering the Roam is a 1300mAh lithium-ion battery that can last you an entire day or about 20 sessions. The Roam has a temperature range between 600 ºF to 800 ºF with 25 ºF intervals. To conserve battery life and your materials, the vaporizer stays hot for 30 seconds and then cools down.

      If you’re a flavor chaser, the full quartz tank delivers by bringing out your concentrate’s flavors while vaping at higher temperatures. Lower temperatures will provide your materials full flavor profile, while temps near 800 ºF will produce more vapor production but still provide flavor.

      While the G Pen Roam might have some advanced features like the Hydro-Tube, it’s still user-friendly. Loading the vaporizer is straightforward and is a perfect choice for concentrated users that want smoother draws.

      Stache RiO MakeOver Rig

      Stache RiO MakerOver Rig  


      • Carrying Case w/ EVA Foam
      • No Batteries Or Coils Needed
      • Powered By Torch
      • Designed For Portability And Convenience

      The Stache RiO MakeOver Rig streamlines the concentrate consumption experience by making it the first portable rig for consumers. This portable rig is crafted with 4mm thick borosilicate glass to withstand the elements while you’re on the go. The base has a built-in torch and core reactor to heat the 14mm quartz banger nail. What makes this an outstanding rig is that electronics aren’t needed, so it’s a great option for both beginners and advanced users who enjoy the power and performance of traditional rigs.

      The RiO is also low maintenance so you aren’t spending too much time cleaning the rig. To complete the portable dabbing experience, Stache included a puddle pusher carb cap, dual-headed dab tool, silicone plugs, and a carrying case with EVA foam. So if you’re tired of dead batteries and burnt coils, the Stache RiO MakerOver Rig is a great option.



      As dabbing has grown in popularity, a debate has been sparked as to whether dabbing with a classic torch heated rig is the best option, or using an electric dab rig. With striking silhouettes, dense cloud potential, and history on their side glass dab rigs fill a massive need in the concentrate world. Dab rigs offer smooth, highly potent rips from your concentrates. Designed explicitly for wax and oils, dab rigs utilize water filtration to hogtie the intensity of your dab rip.

      Using a rig is relatively simple: users heat the nail (an attachment that directly vaporizes concentrates) using their torch. Once heated a bit of concentrate is dabbed onto the nail as the user inhales. The water filtration system transforms the smoke in a moistorious, pure vapor. Using a torch is a great way to get your nail heated wholly and quickly, in under a minute your nail will be thoroughly heated and ready to go. 

      The nail of your dab rig is of utmost importance as it works in unison with the torch to bring out the flavors or intensity of your concentrate. Glass dab rigs tend to do a little better than e nails when it comes to flavor. There are many types of dab nails; some need a dome to be used, others go over glass joints and don’t require one. The most common nail materials are glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic.

      glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic concentrate nails

      Ceramic nails are the best when it comes to heat retention, so you’ll save a little bit of money on butane with this type of nail. Flavor wise, ceramic nails are above glass, but below quartz regarding “flavor retention ranks.” Being ceramic, these nails are prone to cracking over time, but won’t be as volatile on a use-by-use basis as glass nails.

      Quartz nails are the "king of flavor." This type of nail does not need to be heated slowly and will last longer than a basic glass nail. Where quartz nails really shine is in flavor production. If you use your torch and quartz nail in perfect conjunction, you’ll be able to achieve supreme concentrate flavors.

      For the clumsier concentrate enthusiasts out there titanium nails can solve your “spending my life savings on glass nails” problem. Titanium nails can hold firm to the constant heating and cooling of your dabbing sessions and have better heat retention that glass or quartz nails, so you can take much larger dabs. The shortcomings of a titanium nail are shown in the flavor department, as a good portion of the concentrates tastes are lost.

      Glass nails are inexpensive and usually considered a “beginners nail.” When using a torch on a glass nail, it is important to heat the nail slowly, as it can be susceptible to cracking. The flavor of your concentrate is brought out better by glass nails compared to that of titanium or ceramic. 

      While a torch heats your nail quickly, the consistency of the temp leaves something to be desired. When it comes to enjoying concentrates the most crucial aspect of your session is just that, temperature consistency. Too cold, and you get not vapor. Too hot, and you’re inhaling something that tastes like burnt plastic, AND your atomizer is scarred from the burned off concentrate residue. For those of us who aren’t blessed with super-human-temp-sensing capabilities, this leaves us in a bind that could end in a wasted dab (gasp). 

      Enail being used and displaying voltage and temperature

      Thankfully, electric dab rigs take the guessing game out of your nails temperature. The way an electric dab rig heats is pretty simple: units are typically comprised of a controller box which delivers heat through a coil that connects directly with the nail itself. The controller box allows for the controlled manipulation of temperature to the nail, giving you the ability to regulate your temperature with the touch of a button.

      Volume wise, torch dab rigs can’t come close to the amount an electric dab rig can handle, making e nails an excellent option for group settings. Designed to expedite and ease the process of dabbing, electronic dab rigs were crafted specifically for the vaporization of wax concentrates.  

      Portable dab rigs are as popular as electronic dab rigs because of portability, and wand-style vaporizers are limited in range thanks to their reliance on cords. With no torch needed either, an electric dab rig can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere you wish to dab. As e-nails rise in popularity, the price points have started to level out. On the low end, you can find a great electronic dab rig for around $100, with options going all the way up to $300 and up. Higher end models will offer greater temperature control and consistency. Once you’ve gotten over the initial cost, e nails can save you money in the long run as you won’t be spending money on butane.    

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      This list of the best electric dab rigs to keep an eye out for this year does feature the best options available.