The Best Handheld Vaporizers of 2017

The Best Handheld Vaporizers of 2017

Let’s get handsy. A handheld vaporizer is the best way to serve your herb as you swerve the earth. With handheld vaporizers being increasingly in-vogue, it can be hard to sort through the noise. Don’t be a sucker, get the best handheld vaporizer of 2017. This handy list will help you find the best handheld vaporizer for dry herb.  

KandyPens Miva

Came up, that’s all Miva. Stay true, that’s all Miva. No help, that’s all Miva. All Miva, for real. The Miva portable vaporizer is the premier handheld vaporizer for dry herb in the KandyPens line. This candy-coated cloud-churner packs some serious punch in a portable package. 

(Check out a pic of the upcoming Kandypens Miva 2)

Coupling a high-grade ceramic heating chamber with precision heating and an OLED display in a handheld vaporizer this compact is an incredible feat. Add to that, the eye-catching finishes and the plentiful vapor production and you have a vape that is definitely worthy of best handheld vaporizer contention. Plus, Drake definitely probably uses it, why wouldn’t you? 



Airvape XS

Thinner, Sleeker, and looking good in anything, it’s not your ex haunting you on Instagram, it’s the new XS edition of the Airvape vaporizer. This handheld vaporizer for dry herb packs a robust feature set into a uniquely designed chassis.  Plus, they’re based in L.A. so, <3 4 lyfe. 

The AirvapeXS handheld vaporizer features an LCD display, which gives you access to all functions at a glance. The precise temperature control, combined with the haptic feedback means there’s no guessing when your herb is ready to vape. When the ceramic heating chamber reaches your desired temperature, a vibration alert lets you know it’s time to hit.  For midnight missions requiring extra stealth, check out the Airvape XS shell, which lets you fly under the radar. 

G Pen Pro

Grenco science has been in radio silence on the new vaporizer front since the release of the G Pen Elite in like 1975…or whatever. Anyways, they’re back with a new G pen, with an all-new look, improved performance, and the discrete function you expect from a handheld vaporizer. Available only in murdered-out black aluminum, the G Pen Pro is ready to hit a lick, or just sneak into a movie theater and chill with your friends. 

The G Pen has long been the standard for handheld vaporizers, with the new G Pen Pro, Grenco extends this reputation. The superb pocket-ability has made it a daily essential for this reviewer, while the capable battery life means I don’t have to keep a charger at my desk. Which is tight, because my garbage has way more space:

Arizer Air II

Hot off the release of the new Solo II, the folks at Arizer are ready to release the sequel to the classic Air vaporizer. While both the Arizer Air II and Solo 2 are great handheld vaporizers for dry herb, we have to give an edge in the portability department to the Arizer Air 2. Without skimping on the features, Arizer has delievered a handheld vaporizer that may take the throne from your desktop vaporizer.

Those coming from mods or other highly-customizable devices will appreciate the modular nature of the Arizer Air II. The amount of options to personalize your vaping experience is unheard of in a handheld vaporizer. The Arizer Air 2 comes out the gate with three different glass aroma tubes, which allow you to adjust the length of your vapor path and the depth of your bowl. Pair that with a removable 18650 battery, and you have the most highly-powered vape on our list of the best handheld vaporizers of 2017.

 FlytLab Lift

The crew at FlytLab has emerged from the laboratory with new technology to get you lifted. The FlytLab Lift defies expectations at every corner. Within its compact, almost pen-like form factor rests one of the deeper bowls these eyes have seen, perfect for travel. The relatively quick heat-up time ensures you get your hit right when you need it. 

The Flightlab lift has an unexpected swagger boost in the form of a retractable glass mouthpiece. It pops out like a switchblade. This is one of the best handheld vaporizers that must be experienced before fully understood. While not the first portable vaporizer to integrate a glass mouthpiece, this is one of the most stylish and intuitive integrations we’ve seen. 

That does it for our list of the best handheld vaporizers of 2017. We highly recommend these great options for those looking for a handheld vaporizer for dry herb. With Q4 coming soon expect more lists of our favorite gear and other favorites. Have a list you want to see? Let us know in the comments or on IG/facebook. What do YOU think is the best handheld vaporizer for dry herb?