Heady Glass - Best Heady Glass of 2018

Heady Glass - Best Heady Glass of 2018

Heady glass differentiates itself not only in function, but in design as well. While this can certainly be subjective, most heady glass will not only smoke great, but make a great looking trophy on your mantle. These are the types of pipes you shouldn’t have to hide away when the in-laws come to visit, you may even receive a few compliments. Perhaps even a new smoking buddy? Check out our picks for some of the best heady glass of 2018. Don’t forget to check out all our glass, right here.

Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe

Heady glass is all about not settling for whatever works. For those who aspire to something higher, the Beaker water pipe offers a luxurious way to enjoy your herbal blends. Instead of relying on gimmicky percolators or wild color schemes, Higher standards has taken the simple beaker form and perfected it.


Featuring extremely thick glass, the Higher Standards Beaker isn’t only more structurally sound than your run-of-the-mill pipe, it also boasts enhanced cooling properties. Free of any garish logos or childish images, the simple logo and elegant ice pinch add to the refined minimalism of the beaker. When it’s time to grow up and ditch your psychedelic pieces, you’re ready for heady and Higher Standards will be right there, waiting.

Merlin Recycler Joint Bubbler and Mini Rig

Part rig? Check. Joint bubbler? You betcha. The Merlin Recycler from MJ Arsenal serves up double duty in an extremely portable rig. With heady glass coming in all shapes and sizes, and increasingly trending towards smaller and smaller, the Merlin recycler is a great piece to add to any collection.


Featuring a mini quartz banger, the Merlin recycler can deliver rips that will hang with the big boy dab rigs. When you remove the quartz banger, the stem is the perfect size to add your joint or blunt. The Merlin cools the smoke for bigger, smoother hits. It’s so portable and discrete, it’s like the swiss army knife of heady glass, don’t leave home without it.

Jane West Beaker

As beautiful inside and out as the women that touch our lives every day, the Jane West beaker delivers rips with beauty and a feminine heady touch. Designed by activist and founder of Women Grow, Jane West, these pipes are meant to be as powerful as the women who inspired them. Created by the craftspeople at Grav labs, this glass beaker is crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is pigmented with pure cobalt.


The ten-inch height combined with the six-inch-wide base, make the Jane West Beaker incredibly sturdy for years of tough use. The beaker shape allows for a greater volume of smoke to be piped into your lungs. Stylish accents like the fixed diffuser downstem and flared mouthpiece elevate the design to true heady territory.

Grav Circuit Rig


Think all rigs are the same? You are sorely mistaken my friend. Never content to look like every other water pipe on the market, heady dab rigs take research and development to create next-level dabs. From the unique shape, optimized for largest hit volume, to the showerhead percs for low-drag cooling, the Grav Circuit Rig is the pinnacle of lab-grade heady glass.

With a design that marries both form and function, the Grav Circuit packs massive upside in an attractive package. The angled mouthpiece eliminates splash back. Never taste bong water again! The Unique puck shape makes the Circuit more stable than other dab rigs. This will prevent accidental tip overs and offset the weight of heavy titanium nails or larger bangers or ash catchers. Don’t mistake its stability as staleness though, one rip from this heady glass will make your head plenty cloudy.

Atomic Bianca Dab Rig


Think heady glass can’t come in small pipes? Think all heady glass must be expensive? The Bianca dab rig defies these outdated maxims, offering class glass in a small package. The perfect size for a travel rig, the diminutive size of the Atomic Bianca Dab rig belies the massive rips it delivers.

The beaker shape offers greater volume for increased cooling of your fattest rips. The unique downstem is a swirl of black and white, which wraps from the included high-quality glass nail all the way to the diffused end. When it’s time to take things from fire to atomic, you’ll need a rig to deliver, and for $30 you can’t go wrong with this high-quality kit.

Prometheus Pocket Pipe

This piece may catch you by surprise in this blog. While generally heady glass is pure glass, we think that this high-quality piece deserves a look. Even by the heady glass purists. Sure, it incorporates aluminum which might not traditionally be thought of as heady. But one look at it, and you’ll agree, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe is an absolute work of art pipe, that has been laboriously put together.


Scientific-grade borosilicate glass makes up the internals of the Prometheus Pocket pipe. This means that your smoke will only encounter the highest-quality, flavor-neutral glass available. The exoskeleton of the Prometheus is crafted from a single piece of aluminum in what is a pretty interesting process. If picking up a nearly indestructible pipe with high quality glass isn’t heady, I’m not sure I even know what is anymore.

Higher Standards Rig Kit


Taking the dab to higher levels, the Rig kit from Higher Standards is the dab rig for grown folks. Built around the highest quality glass and an elegant construction, the beauty of its relative minimalism is truly striking.

Outfitted with a quartz banger for ultimate flavor, the Higher Standards Rig Kit delivers one of the smoothest smoking experiences available. Aimed squarely at connoisseurs, the Higher Standards Rig is heady glass for the discerning smoker.

MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig

The newest piece from MJ arsenal takes a departure from the rest of their line of joint bubblers and blunt bubblers, the Hydra mini rig is its own three-headed beast entirely. The first dedicated dab rig from MJ Arsenal, the Mini Rig has been built from inception to execution to rival rigs much larger in size.


The recycler design makes for a splash-free hit, while simultaneously maximizing the amount of cooling with the lower volume of water. The size makes this thing a no-brainer to add to your collection. I’m still waiting for the day my “friends” gift me with one of these on a gold chain that I will never take off. This petite conversation starter is a beastly way to dip your toes into heady glass.

Snoop Dogg Pounds Mothership Water Pipe

The largest piece on this list, the Mothership water pipe from the Snoop Dogg Pounds line is a heady glass behemoth, ready to beam you up. The dual dome design is adorned with colored glass accents of your choice. The nearly 14’’ length makes for a hefty cloud of smoke, which is cooled by the barrel percolators and unique “corn cob” diffuser.


A strong foundation is paramount to any piece of heady glass, and the Mothership rocks a thick base built to endure your heaviest of adventures. Be careful with this one, the smoke is so cool and clean-tasting once it reaches your lips, that you may bite off more than you can chew.

What is Heady Glass?

Heady glass represents water pipes and glass pipes that have been created by artisans to exacting standards. Far removed from the cheap glass found in many smoke shops, heady glass is meticulously crafted to serve its purpose. These types of pieces are typically produced in smaller quantities to be enjoyed by consumers who expect the finest.

Why is Heady Glass so expensive?

Heady glass tends to carry a hefty price tag due to its bespoke production and quality materials. Fret not however, we’ve compiled a list that represents heady glass for all price brackets. Just because a pipe is expensive does not mean that it is good, and the inverse is just as true. While heady glass will be more expensive than the junk found in most corner smoke shops, this is an investment in a good looking and performing device.

What Heady Glass did we miss?

Think we missed a choice piece that deserves some recognition? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out our glass page for our full line of glass products and water pipes. Stay heady.