Boundless Technology CFC 2.0 Vaporizer Review | Honey I Shrunk the Tera! Small Vape, Big Rips

Boundless Technology CFC 2.0 Vaporizer Review | Honey I Shrunk the Tera! Small Vape, Big Rips


  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Extended Battery Life
  • ½ Gram ceramic herb chamber is around 15% larger than portables of this size
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Great value



  • No haptic feedback
  • Included water pipe adapter is plastic (though no other portable vape in this price range includes one)
  • Does not include herb :(




Once thought of as overly expensive or unobtainable, vaporizers have progressed, with the technology having a trickle-down effect, making cheaper vaporizers better than they ever have been before. Where at one point if you wanted a high-quality option, you had to spend upwards of 500 dollars to get a competent unit, these prices have lowered drastically for high performance. Once new entrant looking to disrupt the sub $100 portable vaporizer market is the CFC 2.0. With a form factor much smaller than that of other earlier entrants in the Boundless line of vaporizers, the CFC is one of their most portable options to date. With precision temperature control, fast heat-up times and a ceramic chamber, the CFC 2.0 is pound for pound one of the most potent portables out. Read our full review below to check out what the CFC 2.0 is all about.



Modern portable vaporizers tend to trend towards quiet and discrete models, favoring undercover operation over eye-catching design. The CFC 2.0 is no different in this regard. Opting for a simple matte black design, with a glossy mouthpiece and buttons, the Boundless CFC 2.0 is an unassuming-looking device. This aesthetic is ideal for users who want to fly under-the-radar or take their vape on the go.

Though constructed from plastic, the CFC doesn’t feel flimsy or especially breakable. There are some exposed seams which may collect pocket lint or dirt, easily solvable with a wipe down from a wet rag. For ease of holding, the Boundless Technology CFC features a scalloped, raised design over a third of the unit. Adding a bit of grip to the unit to keep it from sliding from your hands. On Boundless’s website, they also state that this raised portion functions as a radiator to help keep the unit cool. While I don’t know how much actual practicality there is to that statement, the handling portion of the vaporizer never really got hot. So, maybe there is something to the claim.

I’m not a big fan of logos on vapes, most of them strike me as pretty unnecessary, so in that regard, I’m a big fan of the CFC 2.0’s design. The only visible logo is a small boundless logo with the name of the CFC on the back of the unit. On the back of the unit, the intake for the vapor path is visible. Largely an unimportant feature, but one that I always enjoy seeing. It’s just nice to know where your air is coming from, ok?

The LED display of the CFC measures around 2” by .5” making full use of the diminutive size of the CFC 2.0. The screen displays battery and temperature, in use, it was easy to read. Not sure what much else you could want from an LCD screen.

All in all, the design is sleek and attractive enough, even if not entirely groundbreaking from a stylistic standpoint. While I would like to see a sturdier material used in the construction, like the g pen pro, for this price point the build feels remarkably robust.


The performance of the CFC 2.0 makes it a standout portable vape, doubly so when you consider the price point of the unit. The highlights include a ceramic heating chamber, isolated air path, precision temperature control from 140-446 F, extended battery capacity, and an included water pipe adapter. The combination of features is entirely unheralded at this price point, but the CFC 2.0 is more than the sum of its parts. Let’s take a deeper dive into how this portable vape performs.



The ceramic heating chamber of the CFC 2.0 offers a generous capacity of around a half gram. For a vape this portable and discrete, that is quite a feat. The heating chamber is all ceramic and features pretty good airflow. Even when packed to the brim, I found the draw resistance to be relatively low and was able to get noticeable clouds with little effort. While the resistance isn’t as excellent as their flagship Source Tera vaporizer, the experience is not unpleasant at all and certainly better than most portables in this price range.

Precision temperature control operates the heating chamber. I didn’t have a heat gun to test the accuracy of the precision heating system, but it seemed to be on par with other precision temperature control units I know to be true.  The ceramic does an excellent job of holding heat after it has reached temperature. Due to the size of the unit, this is apparently not able to provide full convection heating, but a combination of the both. I’m okay with combination heating systems so long as the heat stays even. I hate to stir a bowl mid-session. The CFC 2.0 does a capable job of evenly vaping your herb for a stir-free experience.


The CFC 2.0 sports an isolated air path. In my opinion, this is a must-have for any vaporizer. Isolated air paths assure that none of the vapor will pass over circuitry or any of the internal workings of your vaporizer. This precaution keeps your lungs and sinuses free from dangerous by-products and ensures the purity of flavors from your dry herb.

You can physically see the intake for the air path on the back of the unit. Why is this important? It allows for higher airflow. On most portable vaporizers, especially of the super-portable variation, the air intake can barely be spotted, if at all. This lack of intake is why the draw is so tight on many smaller portables. Aside from requiring more lung effort to take a hit, this also stymies the efficiency of your vape. Convection vaporization works by drawing heated air over your herbs. So naturally, the more air you can get flowing around your herbs, the more effectively they will be vaporized.


The CFC 2.0 has a battery capacity which is similar to that of a 18650 battery according to the Boundless Technology product page. The CFC 2.0 doesn’t have a removable battery, but instead a fixed internal battery, so I cannot comment on the internal battery vs. a 18650.

While I cannot confirm this, if this is, in fact, true, that has to be one of the most massive batteries in a unit of this size. The battery life felt more than capable in my testings. While I don’t have an exact figure for the full running time, I was able to have a couple of sessions throughout the day without worrying about battery life. As someone, who hates to charge devices, this was a much-appreciated addition.



For my money, Boundless Technology has damn-near perfected the water pipe adapter for vaporizers. From the optional adapter for the original CF line to the included water pipe adapter of the Tera, they have consistently provided an elegant and comfortable way to attach your vape to your favorite water pipe.

The water pipe adapter of the CFC 2.0 differs from previous iterations. This construction is most likely to help keep costs down. It is included with the unit for no extra charge after all. Unlike the adapter supplied with the Tera, the water pipe adapter of the CFC 2.0 is plastic instead of the sturdy metals used in previous iterations. It is also only compatible with water pipes or bubblers featuring a female joint, whereas the other editions of the Boundless water pipe adapter are compatible with both female and male fittings. These limitations aside, the CFC 2.0’s water adapter is still compatible with 14-16mm female joints, which does offer a wide degree of compatibility.


The CFC 2.0 keeps operation straightforward and simple. With a vape of this size and design, the intuitive operation helps to enhance the stealth factor of the vaporizer even further. The unit can quickly be turned on from a pocket, purse or bag, then promptly used to grab a hit before re-stashing it. If you need to see the battery life or current heat setting, it is all easily displayed on the LCD, which is in a palm-able position for your discretion.



  1. Grind your herbal materials finely
  2. Remove the mouthpiece from the CFC by giving the tip of the mouthpiece a perpendicular push with your thumb; this will expose the heating chamber
  3. Firmly pack your herbal materials into the heating chamber, without overpacking
  4. Replace the mouthpiece of the CFC 2.0
  5. Five clicks of the power button (the largest button) will bring the CFC 2.0 to life
  6. Use the smaller buttons to find the temperature you wish to vape at
  7. If the CFC does not immediately begin heating, hold the power button for 3 seconds
  8. An icon will appear BETWEEN THE BATTERY ICON AND TEMPERATURE. This will let you know that your boundless CFC has reached the proper temperature
  9. Take a couple of “sipping” breaths through the mouthpiece of the CFC (this will get the air moving around)
  10. When you can taste your herbs, take a long, even pull for 4-10 seconds, exhale



  • To change the temperature display on your Boundless CFC 2.0 from Fahrenheit to Celsius, simultaneously hold the temperature up/down buttons until the screen responds
  • Do not overload the CFC 2.0, or your herb will not vaporize as efficiently
  • When choosing a temperature, it’s best to start lower and increase heat as needed to get the type of hit you want
  • We recommend beginning around 375F, then adjusting in increments of 10-15 degrees F



My only real gripe with the CFC 2.0 is the lack of haptic feedback. While this is generally a feature, I would consider superfluous, it would be nice to operate the CFC 2.0 without ever looking at the screen. The small form-factor and straightforward operation are practically begging to be used for incognito usage at movie theaters, concerts, etc. So, it would be nice to know when the unit has reached temperature without ever looking at the screen. However, the CFC 2.0 does heat up so fast, that if you just wait a moment, you know it’ll be ready to go. Thus, a bit of a draw in that department.

The Boundless CFC 2.0 offers a significant amount of features for a desirable price. With the portable vape market becoming more and more crowded, units tend to come and go without really making a sound, especially in the sub-$100 range. I expect the CFC 2.0 to make quite the racket, by combining great battery life, a deep heating chamber, and precision temperature control. Boundless has all but maxed out the capabilities of the ultra-portable, while managing to keep the cost down. Whether you’re looking for a first vape, something for discrete use, or want to add another high-quality vape to the stable, the newest version of the CFC is a surefire rotation piece. Check out the Boundless CFC 2.0 here on