Boundless Terp Pen Review

Boundless Terp Pen Review

The Boundless Terp Pen is one of the best vape pens we’ve reviewed, and it’s under $30! Boundless slimmed down their CF 710 vaporizer by 66% but were able to increase the battery life to create one of the best vapes of year.

For concentrate users looking for an on-the-go vaporizer that is easy-to-use and capable of producing thick vapor, the Terp Pen is a must. This isn’t the vape pen for users looking to conserve material, despite its size it can create some very dense clouds.

Let’s dive into what makes the Boundless Terp Pen (possibly) the best vape pen of 2019!

Using The Boundless Terp Pen 

Boundless is known for straightforward vaporizers and the Terp Pen is about as straightforward as it gets when to operation. To produce vapor all you do is touch the coils at the end of the pen directly onto your material and breathe in. The autodraw activation heats the coils as soon as you begin your breath, and vapor is produced seconds after contact.

Boundless Terp Pen in contact with concentrate tool
The draws are dense and you’ll most likely rattle off some coughs after your first pull, but don’t worry, the Terp Pen can vaporize even the smallest amount of material if you don’t feel like coughing. You don’t need a lot of material to enjoy the Terp Pen, so we’d caution against overloading the coils or cap as it can get a little gunky if overloaded.

The included cap can act as a cloud booster or storage area if you don’t feel like dabbing the end of the Terp Pen onto a tool or silicone container. If you want to up the vapor density plugging the holes of the cap as you’re using the vape pen limits the airflow and adds heat, a combination for larger clouds than usual. It’s kind of refreshing to not have to worry about adding material to a bucket or chamber, the Terp Pen is a barebones vaporizer that just gets the job done without frills.

Overall Impressions

The Boundless Terp Pen is a beast. There aren’t many other vaporizers this size that will produce vapor this fast or this dense. As far as battery life goes there isn’t much to complain about, the Terp Pen uses a non-replaceable 300mAh 3.7v battery that is perfectly suited for this device’s needs. You can expect a full day of vaping, and if you should encounter a dead battery the convenient micro-USB charging only takes around 50 minutes to revive the Terp Pen.

Boundless Terp Pen with the cap off and coils exposed
Ceramic coils are the only part of the Terp Pen you’d ever have to replace, and they do a great job of delivering some flavor with large clouds. I will caution that this isn’t the vape pen for flavor-centric users, it is definitely geared towards cloud-chasers. The only other “knock” I have on this pen is that you can’t use it with cartridges, but that is more of a personal preference than a legitimate gripe.

If you’re looking for a vape pen the Boundless Terp pen should be at the top of your considerations. You’re not going to find a more reliable, durable, or high-performing vape pen as this one.



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