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5 Best Ceramic Donut Coil Vaporizers of 2017

5 Best Ceramic Donut Coil Vaporizers of 2017

Everyone knows ceramic donut coils extract more flavor from your waxy oils. But there’s more to them than that.

The efficiency of coilless atomizers will not only save you money on wax concentrates, but deliver smoother vapor. Donut coils can also last more than two times longer than quartz rods--sometimes up to 6 months!

In other words, ceramic donuts are more cost-effective and better for flavor, making them all the more tempting.

For the flavor chasers out there, here are the 5 best vaporizers with ceramic donut coils, followed by a breakdown of the merits of donut atomizers.

5 Best Ceramic Donut Coil Vaporizers


Yocan Evolve Plus - $49.99

Built-in wax jar. Check. Upgraded 1100mAh battery. Check. Larger chamber. Check. As far as wax pens go, Yocan Evolve has it all, including compatibility with Yocan Evolve Ceramic Donut Coils. It’s also safer. While some donut atomizers feature air inlets in the middle of the plate with glue--yes, glue--to hold the heating wires in place, Yocan Evolve ceramic coils are glue-free. The Yocan Evolve also comes with a coil cap that keeps waxy oils from leaking out of the donut atomizer when heated.

KandyPens Donuts - $99.95

The quintessential donut coil vaporizer, KandyPens Donuts is a wax pen for flavor-chasers. The ceramic disc atomizer heats oils “slow and low,” extracting flavor without burning the material. No harshness. Just smooth, palatable vapor. A deep dish chamber allows for larger loads, and also prevents spilling. More than just a donut coil vaporizer, KandyPens Donuts features three temperature settings. The lowest temp produces insanely flavorful rips. The design is also sleek and compact--perfect for on-the-go vaping.

SOURCE Orb 4 Vaporizer - $99.95

SOURCE Orb 4 was made to be used with a variety of different atomizers, including the Source Terra 2 donut coil. This 100% ceramic atomizer leaves no wax un-vaporized. And the magnetic “orb” mouthpiece pops open to make switching out the atomizer a breeze. No threading! Terra 2 is just one example from SOURCE Vape’s lineup of seriously impressive atomizers--you know, that rare coil that’s actually built to last? And many of them are compatible with the SOURCE Orb 4, so you can pick and choose from a variety of awesome atomizers.  

KandyPens Prism - $97.99

KandyPens Prism is super pocket-friendly. That’s why the vapor production--especially with the included ceramic coilless atomizer--is so pleasantly surprising. A sub-ohm battery, equipped with preset temperature options, produces big, smooth clouds. And the glass stem mouthpiece cools each hit and keeps the flavor tasting fresh. In addition, the KandyPens Prism comes with a dual quartz rod for bigger hits. But it’s the donut coil atomizer that really brings out the flavor. The Prism vaporizer gives you big, smooth hits on-the-go.

#ThisThingRips Roil Vaporizer - $76.99

The Roil by #ThisThingRips produces smooth and pure-tasting vapor. That’s thanks in part to its ceramic donut atomizer, which has no exposed wicks or wires. But it’s also thanks to its variable voltage battery, which features temperatures optimized for waxy oils. The Roil has a compact build a very unique design choice: A transparent turquoise “visual reaction chamber” lets you watch wax vaporize into milky clouds and shows you when you’ve cleared the chamber so no vapor is wasted.

What Do Ceramic Donut Coils Offer?

You might wonder why people keep talking about ceramic donut atomizers. Are ceramic donuts that much better than, say, quartz rod atomizers? Of course not, because both have their own pros and cons. Let’s run through what these coilless wonders actually offer.

Ceramic Donut Atomizers Don’t Waste Wax

With wicked atomizers, wax can collect beneath the heating element or inside each crevice in the coil. What a waste!

Ceramic donut atomizers solve this problem. The entire bottom plate of the atomizer heats up, so there are no cooler spots where wax won’t vaporize. Every little bit of wax concentrate gets used.

If any wax does remain in the atomizer, there’s no place for it to hide. You can easily scrape it off and maybe even use it in your next load--though we don’t recommend recycling wax that’s pretty burnt up already.

All the wax that coilless atomizers save will amount to more money in your pocket. And each hit will be more potent, milky, and full of flavor.

They Vaporize More Thoroughly

With coiled atomizers, wax can drip away from the heating rod, collecting in areas where it won’t get vaporized. This wastes your wax each time you vape, and makes it more difficult to clean up.

In contrast, every millimeter of surface area inside a donut atomizer coil will vaporize your wax. Your concentrates will stay at the bottom of the atomizer until every bit has vaporized.

Much less wax will collect on the walls of a donut atomizer, and that will reflect in more potent rips and better flavor. You won’t be burning old, blackened wax every time you take a hit.

They Deliver Way Better Flavor

For a number of reasons, ceramic donut atomizers are able to display flavor better than coiled heating chambers. Much of this is a matter of heat.

A quartz rod atomizer is going to get hotter than a ceramic cup. You’ll get bigger clouds--yay--but the higher heat can create a slightly burnt taste.

A donut atomizer will slowly heat wax to activate the flavor compounds without burning anything. That's why their vapor is so much cleaner-tasting and full-flavored.

Because donut atomizers leave no little crevices for wax to hide under, you’re not going to get black resin collecting in the chamber as you might with a coiled atomizer. That resin can add a burnt odor and flavor to your vapor, but with coilless atomizers you’re at a much lower risk for that. Hence the purer the flavor.

Donut Coils are Easier to Clean 

Coilled atomizers require cleaning beneath the heating rod and even in between the coils. This can get tough, especially as gunk begins to form over time. 


Ceramic donut coils are much easier to clean because you can simply wipe out their cup-shaped chambers with a q-tip. 

Because they're easier to clean, donut atomizers generally last longer and perform better. 

What's the Difference between Coilled and Coilless Atomizers?

There are tons of technical reasons why coilless atomizers differ from coiled ones. But when it comes down to the benefits of each, it's very simple:

Want to Learn More About Atomizers?

Ceramic donut coils save you money on wax while delivering smoother, more flavorful vapor. There are of course benefits to other types of atomizers. If you’re interested in learning more about them, SourceVapes posted a comprehensive breakdown of all the different wax atomizers, including ceramic donut coils.