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Vaporizer 101: How to Clean Your Concentrate Pen

Vaporizer 101: How to Clean Your Concentrate Pen

The wax pen is the hardest kind of vaporizer to clean. Waxier concentrate is stickier than dry herb and ickier than eliquid. This makes cleaning pen vaporizers a challenge.

The secret to keeping your concentrate pen spick and span is simple. Find the right tools and the right products--and stick to a reasonable schedule.

Here are a few helpful tips for cleaning your concentrate pen, featuring the OG Four 2.0 by ThisThingRips, a particularly easy-to-clean pen with a quartz single rod atomizer that doesn't leak. 


Giving your vaporizer pen a quick wipe down once a week may take a little discipline, but it’ll save you time and energy in the long run. 

Keeping to a fairly regular vaporizer cleaning schedule will become a habit after 21 cleanings. Until then, you can set reminders on your smartphone.

Cleaning up keeps your vaping experience sanitary and optimal, so you’re better off cleaning your concentrate pen fairly frequently.


Since a pen vaporizes the waxy oils that go in its heating chamber, there's not much to clean except the mouthpiece and body. But don't forget the threading.

Clogging up the threading that connects all the essential parts of your wax pen with melted wax isn't the end of the world. But it can make it difficult to screw the vaporizer together.

Scrubbing the threading down during your regularly scheduled maintenance session will keep your wax pen easy to assemble. 

A brush is the best tool for cleaning the threading of wax pens. But be careful, a heavy-duty metal brush can strip the threading of your wax pen.

Dabbing some isopropyl alcohol on the threading will help break down the waxy oil so its easier to scrub off. 

The OG Four 2.0 is special in that is leak-proof with a deep dish design that keeps all the wax inside the chamber. Finding a wax pen that is easy-to-clean like the OG Four 2.0 will spare you the hassle of having to frequently clean the treading.


Not sure if you got it all? A clean white q-tip will tell you whether your wax pen is clean yet. Dip the cotton swab in some cleaning solution and wipe down the threading, body or mouthpiece of your vaporizer. Repeat with a new q-tip each time until the cotton tip comes back a snowy white. 


An easy-to-clean atomizer can be just as important as vapor production, build quality, and usability.

SOURCE Vapes makes coilless atomizers with removable buckets for easy cleaning. These atomizers come with titanium, quartz, or ceramic buckets. 

Source Coilless Atomizer


Source Vapes atomizers feature removable cups that can be soaked and wiped clean, allowing to extend the lifespan of the atomizer and enjoy consistently clean vaporization. These atomizers come in titanium, quartz, or ceramic, each boasting its own perks. 

(The SOURCE Titanium atomizer bucket pops out for easy cleaning.)

Source coilless atomizers are easy to use. Just unscrew the ring-shaped brim of the atomizer, and pop out the removable bucket. Soak in some isopropyl alcohol for 20 or 30 minutes, then wipe it with a q tip. 


The cleaner your wax vaporizer pen remains, the better it will perform. A clean wax pen will save you money replacing parts that succumb to muck. It'll also keep your wax vape pen running longer so you don't have to buy a new one every year. Most importantly, your vapor production will be purer and cleaner tasting.